25TH-26TH OCTOBER 2019 (26TH)

Pinto (Madrid)

Sala Grrove Multiespacio
Camino de San Antón, 28320

with Fields Of The Nephilim, Covenant, Apotygma Berzeck, Lords Of Acid, She Past Away, Signal Aout 42 (SA42),
Ancient Methods Live, The Cassandra Complex, A Split Second, Microchip League 2.0 / Robotiko Rejekto,
Leather Strip, The Horrorist, Flash Zero, Alien Vampires, Love Is Colder Than Death, Dr. Diablo & The Rodent Show,
Fakeba with John Fryer, The Complexity, JLA Form, Larva, She Pleasure Herself, ECM, Commutadores, Laurete Sky,
World To Zero, We Are Not Brothers, Crvor Martyrivm, Latitud Estero