17TH-19TH MARCH 2017


Gagarin 205
Liosion 205, Athina 104 45
Phone: +30 21 1411 2500

Etor Festival - Tenebrae De Profundis II
Headliner, with Paul Roland, Wolfgang Flür/MusikSoldat, Lydia Lunch with Blaine Reininger, Nurse With Wound, The Legendary Pink Dots, In Gowan Ring, Naevus, Tenderloud, Sol Invictus, Ashram, Darkwood
Camerata Mediolanense, L'Effet Cest Moi, Tsidmz & Carmen D'Onofrio, Orplid, Andrew King, Der Arbeiter, Mars, Novalis Deux, In Ruin, Hekate, Varunna, Defiles Des Ames, Traumer Leben, While Angels Watch


Kirlian Camera appearance was cancelled