Which is your favorite KC & related cover?


Total votes: 279
Total voters: 123

Poll endurance: 24th March 2005 / 24th October 2005

Personal considerations:

This was the most suffering poll till today. For those of you that ignore the story, just know that it was started and stopped twice, one time because the provider that hosted the service suddenly died, another time because some users forced the votations toward one or two particular items, cheating the result.

The solution was to create a poll with two kinds of control: monitoring each user votations and banning the clear cheaters (people who tried to vote many times in few days), and adjusting the false or the too many frequent votations toward a particular item from the same user. This explains why some chart changed from a day to another one.
Of course the correct behaviour of the most of the users assures that this final chart reflect the taste of Kirlian Camera fans, and only two-three persons have been blocked.

Finally, this was a multi-vote poll, so each user could choice more than once among the 43 covers considered. This is the reason why there are more votes than voters.

The top of the chart (first 9 places, more than 10 votes each) shows an interesting thing: almost all the covers are recent covers. In fact, with the exception of Solaris (1995), Schmerz (1995) and maybe The Ice Curtain (1998), we have covers of records released from 2000 ahead. As the band is involved in the artworking since few years, this is an index that its work is really apprecied by the fans. Fans that seem to have so much different tastes: from the epic funerary beauty of IF2005 cover (taken for the first KCCOM Official T-Shirt) cover to the artistic scene of Shapes', from the menacing tower of Still Air to the desolating lands of The Ice Curtain and Pictures From Eternity (2nd edition), from the minimal cover of Uno to the nude woman of Court-Martial.

There is less competions between the other items in the chart, but a common point could be the good result obtained by cover with statues: Schmerz, Pictures From Eternity (1st CD edition), Todesengel (2nd edition CD cover), Eclipse (both of the CD editions).

A nice and surprising (for some aspects) result is given by the drawn covers: almost nobody could bid on the excellent position of It Doesn't Matter, Now cover, as well as Kirlian Camera MLP. Only Passing Masks cover was not apprecied by the audience, being in the last but one position.

Moreover, the abstract and essential works had good and bad feedbacks: while Eclipse LP, The Desert Inside, Unidentified Light and Absentee covers are in the middle of the chart, covers like Drifting, Live In London, Austria (both of the vinyls), The Burning Sea covers are always more in the bottom. A curiosity regarding Eclipse LP cover, because is basically the same of Austria 7"/12" cover with different colours, but really more apprecied. Maybe did someone intend to vote the CD cover and got confused?

Finally, nice results for covers with photographs: Ocean and Edges covers are in the middle of the chart without any particular effects, just photos. Only Your Face In The Sun gave a bad result in this category.

Very last thing, a thousand of apologies: even if present among the other covers in the pictures, it was impossible to vote for Blue Room cover!

Here below the comments received (chronologically sorted):

01 - The old Happosai - shouldn't you consider even the results obtained during the second edition of this poll? all votes were regular, despite of what happened with the first ed.

02 - The old Happosai - i'm not allowed to vote any more. i tried in different days and with different titles, but my votes aren't accepted by this poll. it's quite unfair

03 - unknown - it's time to disappear. This area is not fit to your negative logic. Should we say more?

04 - jesusblut - los dioses despertarán pronto.....

05 - Defeat Of Talehn - great cover-great tracks-great band

06 - Mary - Siderartica sounds great as much as KC, compliments for latest album's brilliant artwork!

07 faust - merci

08 - Necronaut - Keep the great work burning...