Which is your favorite Invisible Front. 2005 song?


Total votes: 188

Poll endurance: 22nd March 2004 / 22nd September 2004

Personal considerations:

When you look at one figure like this, you immediately understand that the beauty of the song that gained almost half of the votes of the entire poll cannot be described in any way. K-Pax IS without doubt the most loved song for the last wonderful album Invisible Front. 2005. No need to waste more words.

Instead, there was a nice battle for the second place, from other two wonderful tracks. In the end Dead Zone In The Sky won, but difference with The Path Of Flowers is very little.

After these three masterpieces there is an abyss, but of course the other songs were penalized by the incredible appeal of the trilogy just quoted.
So we find the quiet The Immaterial Children, the anxious Kobna Dob, and the less easy-listening tracks like K-Space-Y 1, A Woman's Dreams, the introductive Mission Diary 1 and the very hard K-Space-Y 2, that, despite the unique vote gained, received one of the finest comment given.
Most of these tracks in fact were apprecied for the experimental side of the album, signal of Kirlian Camera audience's wide musical view.

Last thing, once again this poll reached a new record of votes. Many thanks for any contributor, and for the nice opinions collected.

Here below the comments received (chronologically sorted):

01 - beautiful track, as usual and i find 'invisible front 2005' follows a new way for kc. for the first time, the first listening of this cd wasn't so great, but after news hearing, it sounds good

02 - This album has really grown on me. At first K-Pax was the stand out track but I love so many songs on this one especially Path of Flowers :-)

03 - Deadzone in the Sky is a real classic on the level of Blue Room, and other such 80's tracks. I can't believe there are not more votes. Overall I'm surprised by the more "optimistic" tones of the album, at least compared with the past 15 years efforts. I will always cherish the 1999-2001 era as my favorite, but the new direction is as always quite promising.

04 - Yes Deadzone is a great song If I had to vote for 3 of my favorites on it the third would be deadzone. I hope someone else out there will vote for either K-Space-Y 1 or A woman's Dream soon those are also some nice songs that deserve a vote. /me prepares to cast some sympathy votes.


06 - Elena's voice is greater than ever, definitely the best one! The album is fantastic: the only pity is Elena hasn't put her vocals on "A woman's dreams"... Jarboe is ok, but surely not comparable to Elena's astonishing spirit!!! My fave piece is "K-Pax", but the whole album is a milestone!!! Sondra R.

07 - after all those masterpieces, i simply cannot believe my ears - this is the best kirlian camera album so far!

08 - Dead Zone... best melody

09 - Picking a favorite for this album is like chosing among your most precious events in life, everything here takes my breath away.

10 - .....music from another star........

11 - I vote for "a woman's dreams" - it doesn't sound much like KC, but it's a strong song and i like it for it's sort of repressed emotions

12 - I would vote for "days to come" if it were on the album - so it's "the path of flowers"

13 - "oops they did it again" smashing cd; especially "dead zone in the sky" is stunning. Karel/België

14 - Almost always, the best track for me, is (almost)always the shortest track. More petals for the Path of Flowers please.

15 - Grace, modernism and lyrism. Thank U Kirlian Camera

16 - I break a lance for k-space-y 2: surely not the most representative of the album but a worthful and brave hypnotical experiment!