Which is your favorite KC-related band?


Total votes: 141

Poll endurance: 10th March 2003 / 30th September 2003

Personal considerations:

Again a record in votes number! To be honest people had more time for this than previous ones, but tough at the beginning there was little feedback during the months the voters increased always more.

Sadly, there were so few comments despite this was the first time there was this chance.

Speaking about the poll, the true challenge was between first two bands.
At the beginning preferences was almost equal, then in the last months Stalingrad took the leadership. It is interesting that both of the projects were very recent, they have only 1 album each but since their appearances they captured the interest of many people.

Good result for T.A.C., the 20 years old project of Simon Balestrazzi.

This is an index that the taste of some Kirlian Camera fans is satisfied also with his music, a bit different from the main band. Of course, it would be interesting to know if voters considered the collaboration with Kirlian Camera members or recent solo works.

Even more surprising is the excellent result obtained by a very little known project, the twins Ordo Ecclesiae Mortis and Zentral Friedhof. In fact, there is only an out-of-print album that represents these bizarre bands.

Finally disappointing the low result of Hipnosis, very successful band of '80s, interesting the result of Uranium USSR 1972 project, officially appeared only as collaboration with Kirlian Camera in one track of Absentee and totally negligible the result of Alien Martyr (only 1 track appeared in a rare tape compilation).

Here below the few comments received (chronologically sorted):

01 - stalingrad is the best!

02 - The best female KC voice gave me new great emotions with Siderartica - Laura

03 - I love Siderartica so much, can not get enough of it! Satyr from www.darkness-inside.ch

04 - Stalingrad-superb album-DJ STIX www.jujubabies.co.uk

05 - I attend "Blood & Arena"...

06 - Stalingrad is just like discribed on cover; but even better-Karel

07 - The best creator of sentiments and dreams-dark.[biodivercidade@ig.com.br][marcus_asbarr@yahoo.com.br]