Which is the most truthful song covered by Kirlian Camera?


Total votes: 45

Poll endurance: 1st September 2001 / 31st January 2002

Personal considerations:

This time the feedback was lower than previous polls. I'll take this like an index of The Last Corridor visitors.

This is the most controversial poll till now, because the subject was just the "faithfulness" and not the "beauty".

Seeing the results in fact, I had the suspicion that people chose by own personal tastes, and not comparing the songs to the originals... anyway, the top of the chart is domined by well-known songs with great exception of Final Countdown, the cover in fact comes from Laibach, but the original is the famous track of Europe. Of course we have to take in consideration that the track was released only on compilation, so maybe it was not so diffused, even if also the Death In June cover suffers of the same origin, but it reached a good position.

Quite surprising instead the result of Vienna, while maybe the covers of Dive (and Animotion too) were penalized because released on EP and not on album, as well as Suicide cover, released in a not much known side-project.

In this sense however Dive resulted the covered author less loved...

Finally, a natural question can come... how many people ever heard of ALL these songs in their original version?