October 2005 News

The re-release of Siderartica debut album Night Parade will be delayed.

However, a new 7" vinyl single "King's Snow Garden / Silver Surfer's Shroud", limited to 500 copies, will be released in November 2005. First 200 tickets of Jena concert will receive it for free.

Moreover, Siderartica will release the next album around early 2006.

A DVD featuring the full forthcoming concert in Jena and other extra will be added to the album, released in a special digipak DVD deluxe edition.
The title should be Planned Robotic Advancing.

September 2005 News

Coroner's Sun will be out on 1st December 2005.
An exclusive preview will be held on 15th October 2005 at Prato (ITALY).

In summer the German magazine Orkus will give as present to the new subscribers 100 exclusive t-shirts designed and dedicated to Kirlian Camera and produced by Orkus itself.

Kirlian Camera is preparing also the soundtrack for the movie "Ciao Bella Ciao!" (working title) directed by F CK (already involved in Ridley Scott's "Black Hawk Down" and videoclips direction for artists such as U2). More details to come.

Other extra-activities of the band are the next collaborations to the new double album of Axon Neuron/VAGWA (Elena Fossi will appear as guest) and with the project Der Bekannte.

Finally, Elena (with the help of Angelo) recorded several jingles for "The Jez Porat Experience", downloadable radioshow (click on podcast button) broadcasted by Israelian Regen Radio.

Meanwhile the first album Night Parade will be reprinted and released on 17th October 2005 by Russian label Shadowplay, with different graphics and extra material. Even if distribuited mainly in Russia and ex-USSR area it should be possible to get some copies in Western Europe.

The band also worked on a very personal version of the Dope Stars Inc's song "Make A Star" (the track has been re-arranged, performed, engineered and produced by Elena Fossi with the help of White Legion's Vincenzo Pastorino).
This song will appear on the Dope Stars Inc's debut "Neuromancer" (Trisol) as well as on the Siderartica's next album.

Also the side-project Stalingrad is close to release the new mini-album called "Closer Than The Holy Ghost" (working title).

Moreover, the debut album will be reprinted on next winter by Argentina label Twilight Records, with different graphics.

July 2005 News

The new album of Kirlian Camera definitively called Coroner's Sun will be out around Autumn 2005.

May 2005 News

The new album Mission K-PAX (temporary title) has been delayed from 21st June 2005 to September 2005.

The side-project Uranium USSR 1972 will release the first album within 2006.

March 2005 News

Several tour-dates are announced, especially in Germany and Central Europe. The first date ever in Hungary has to be confirmed.

Siderartica released the first official t-shirts.
It's a golden age for the band that, among the success of the last album and the several interviews in wolrdwide magazines, now reached the 16th position in the French Alternative Charts, that covers France and Belgium markets.

Also Siderartica announced several tour-dates, sometimes together with Kirlian Camera, often alone in Italy, Germany, and even USA. More details once they will be confirmed.

February 2005 News

After many changes of idea, due to the excess quantity of work, it's official: the release of the long-time announced companion album of Invisible Front. 2005 has been finally scheduled. Release date: June the 21st.
Titled Mission K-PAX (alternative title is the old work title "K-oroner's Pax"), it will contain the remixes/reworks of bands like :Wumpscut:, Punto Omega, Sensory Gate, the official version of the track Coroner's Sun, a new version of the memorable The Path Of Flowers for voice, strings and electronics, plus songs taken from the recording sessions of the "brother" album. It will be released by Trisol (D) (distribuited by Soulfood / Sony Music).

To celebrate the 25 years of Kirlian Camera existence, in early 2006 will be released Odyssey 25, a double CD collection that will cover all the singles released from the band during its career, plus all the songs that for various reason were not released as singles and some bonus tracks. A triple CD limited edition is to be confirmed.

The official DVD live, one of the most waited releases from Kirlian Camera, is scheduled for next Autumn. Concerts, interviews, backstage and much more will be features in this release.

The 1994 EP release Erinnerung may be released by Argentina label Twilight Records (that already re-released Pictures From Eternity in 2004).

Concerning Siderartica, after the success of their latest album Shapes And Colours From The Land Of God, the band will perform an Italian mini-tour in Spring 2005 and it is already working to a new minicd with new songs, remixes and reworks from the album. No release date yet, but it should be out quite soon.

January 2005 News

The new work K-oroner's Pax has been cancelled due to the excess of work. Despite this, many interesting releases are announced, also to remark the 25th anniversary of the band, and they will be communicated once they'll be ready to take the way.

Other news regard Stalingrad, whose mini-album has been already announced, and Siderartica, that could release something in 2005.