December 2004 News

The new work K-oroner's Pax will be released in early 2005 by Trisol. The list of the collaborators involved in this project currently is the following: Siderartica, :Wumpscut:, Punto Omega, Jarboe, Y-LU-KO, Sensory Gate / Zosma.

Stalingrad will release the second album in a limited edition through the band's label United Gladiators Inc..

October 2004 News

Siderartica's second album Shapes And Colours From The Land Of God has been released via Trisol (D).
The 2CD limited digipak edition has been already almost sold-out.

September 2004 News

Siderartica will release their second album Shapes And Colours From The Land Of God via Trisol (D) very soon.
A 2CD limited digipak edition will be issued in the same time, and the second CD will be named Toys And Robots From The Land Of God. It will contain six tracks remixed, including the long time announced mixes by Leo von Leibnitz (Y-LU-KO) and American band Morph.

Margherita Montoneri (keyboards) will join live line-up for Belgium gigs in September 2004.

Pictures From Eternity new edition has finally been released.

August 2004 News

A new, still untitled album will include new tracks, remixes from Invisible Front. 2005, rare tracks appeared only on compilations will be released around Autumn/Fall 2004.
Rich of collaborations, with names like Siderartica, Jarboe, Punto Omega, Y-LU-KO, it will replace the previous announced singles Dead Zone In The Sky and K-oroner's Pax.

The re-release of Pictures From Eternity will feature three unreleased bonus-tracks and new artwork. Also the track-list was modified.
The record was remasted and re-edited with the help of Vincenzo Pastorino (White Legion).

An Italian tour has been announced. It will be divived in two traches: early October 2004 and March 2005. Moreover, other isolated concert are scheduled, please check concert page.

Siderartica are close to release their long-waited album Shapes And Colours From The Land Of God, after two years work.
It will be released in Digipak and probably released by Trisol (D), currently label of Kirlian Camera, while distribution will be managed by Soulfood (D), Sony Music, Audioglobe (I) and so on.
Siderartica will join the Italian tour with main band, and there they will present officially the new album.
A Winter 2004/2005 promotional tour is scheduled.

Stalingrad could release the 2nd album around late 2004 / early 2005.

Angelo Bergamini has worked with Vincenzo Pastorino project White Legion for editing and post-production, to give after 10 years a follow-up to the debut album of this band.

April 2004 News

Berliner Messe picture-disc 7" was out at the beginning of April 2004.
It contains two unreleased tracks and being very limited it will be soon sold out.

The announced three singles from Invisible Front. 2005 (Dead Zone In The Sky, K-Pax and the limited 3" CD The Immaterial Children) have been replaced by K-oroner's-Pax, a 50 minutes maxi-EP that will be the ideal companion of the album (as Absentee was for Still Air).

Released by Trisol in Autumn 2004, it will contain unreleased tracks and unreleased remixes from the new album, rarities, with the collaboration of Siderartica, Y-LU-KO, Jarboe (ex-Swans), Simon Balestrazzi (T.A.C., long time collaborator), and others.

Due the bankrupt of German distributor EFA Medien, even if there are no problems for Invisible Front. 2005 distribution some of the Kirlian Camera old catalog went out-of-print.
Anyway, many plans are in process to keep an available catalog. More info to come.

Concerning Pictures From Eternity, it will be re-released on September the 1st 2004 in a digipak edition with unreleased pictures and bonus-tracks by the Argentina based label Twilight Records.

March 2004 News


Invisible Front. 2005 is officially released. After many years in studio, this incredible chapter is finally out. No more words needed, just purchase your copy.

Available in standard and limited edition (the last one with exclusive one-track MCD and miniposter), even if most of the stores will receive it since 12th March.

If you want to know more about, here is the official presentation from site:

"A tragic odyssey of 11 incredible songs permeated by a sense of loss, as beautiful as KIRLIAN CAMERA have never produced before; despite some highly appreciated masterpieces of their past. It looks as though the band's latest hard period had condensed in a desperate lust and need to communicate, which has never been so luminous and aimed at its own unique vision. The enormous relief given to both Elena's stunning voice and talent in composing has been rewarded by an incomparable result, made even more intense by Angelo's anticipated "return" to the male vocal parts. A record filled with a dreadfully incorporeal atmosphere, a somewhat statuesque, incomprehensible alienation, or estrangement, settled very closely to the borders of places impossible to describe ... - places that Elena, Angelo and their various collaborators (amongst them Jarboe from THE SWANS and Lloyd James from NAEVUS) seem to know very well. Ghostly and seemingly "magic" signals are appearing everywhere in a transfigured and nearly frozen scenery, almost as if Ridley Scott's "ALIEN" got wrapped in an additional cloak of sensation, dread, but also of a tragic beauty, indeed. These signals or echoes are coming from an unknown zone in which a spacecraft haunted by hallucinating spectres seems to be silently travelling on forever. KIRLIAN CAMERA have chosen a voluntary distance towards the typically conceited trends of the music-scene, an attitude that gave birth to a breath-taking new album, that will leave the inclined listeners speechless with admiration. Combining "future avant-garde" with classical pop-arrangements, this amazing album will blast the confines of the genre of mere electronic music, sending a shiver down everybody's spine. The distilled power of all the hit-singles KIRLIAN CAMERA have ever created in their long career has been magnified on this album !!! Is something like this really possible after so many falsely acclaimed - as far too often "empty" - electronic releases all around?!? It really looks so, at last..."

New changes in line-up

Together with the official members of Kirlian Camera Elena Alice Fossi (lead and backing vocals, keyboards, treatments, electronics, bass guitar, percussion) and Angelo Bergamini (electronics, keyboards, treatments, vocals, e-violin), the new entry Simone Mulè (acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards) joined the band, also as studio line-up.

Concerning live line-up, we will see at the keyboards the new entry Mia Karin Egger, occasionally Martina Bovini and Lydia Dumfeh and guest partecipations of Andrea Savelli and Andrea Fossi (also guitar) from Siderartica.

Forthcoming gigs:

Gent (Belgium), 6th March (Festival)>br> Mestre (Italy), 24th April (official presentation of Invisible Front. 2005)
Prague (Czech Republic), 26th June

Please don't forget to buy the new Live In London, official (and professional) live bootleg limited to 1001 copies, available ONLY at merchandise stand during the concerts.

Official label and distribution: Trisol Records / Soulfood - Sony Music (world);
Distribution partners: Audioglobe (I), E.M.I.(P), etc...;
Sub-licenses (up-to-date March 2004): Irond Corporation (RUS).

February 2004 News

Dead Zone In The Sky will be released later than the album, maybe in May / June 2004.

The limited edition picture-disc 7" (produced by Small Voices) will be called Berliner Messe and will include two unreleased electronic tracks. It should be limited to 150 hand-numbered copies and out in Spring 2004.

Also in Spring 2004 the singer Jarboe (ex Swans and involved in the forthcoming album Invisible Front. 2005) will release her album Men, that sees the contribution of Angelo Bergamini and Elena Fossi in the track A Woman's Dream (treating, arrangement, production and mixing).

Siderartica is close to release the second album Shapes And Colours From The Land Of God and probably will sign with Trisol, already label of Kirlian Camera.
Together with Elena Fossi, Andrea Fossi and Andrea Savelli, now Carlo Dainelli joined the band (synth, additional vocals).

Finally, Stalingrad could release something in late 2004.

January 2004 News

Little delay (again!) for INVISIBLE FRONT. 2005: the scheduled date is now setted for March the 5th 2004.

Dead Zone In The Sky may be released in the same date.