December 2003 News

Great forthcoming year for Kirlian Camera, sometimes renamed Kirlian Camera MKIII to indicate the new birth since 2000:

Summarizing the forthcoming releases:

Live In London: official bootleg available only at merchandise stand during gigs, limited to 1001 copies, featuring also Stalingrad performance;

Invisible Front, 2005: long-waited full-length album, hopefully available since January the 17th 2004, in standard edition (11 tracks with 24 pages booklet) and double CD digipak (with 1-track CD containing the unreleased single Days To Come, sticker and miniposter).

Dead Zone In The Sky: first single from forthcoming album, a four tracks digipak with two exclusive songs and 1 remix.

Finally, Small Voices will produce and release a limited 200 copies edition picture-disc 7".

Concerning Siderartica, the band is finishing the follow-up of its first album. Called Shapes And Colours From The Land Of God, it will feature also a remix by Y-LU-KO.

Also, a limited edition picture-disc 10" (featuring 1 unreleased track and 1 remix by Morph) will be available only at merchanside stand during gigs.

Finally, Carlo Dainelli has joined Siderartica, now four-members band. Concerning Stalingrad, it will be released soon the re-release of first album Court-Martial, already sold-out, as well as the limited edition of it.

Moreover, a new album will see the light in 2004.

November 2003 News

Some new changings concerning forthcoming releases:

INVISIBLE FRONT. 2005 should be released on January the 17th 2004, in two editions:

  • Standard edition, 11 tracks with 24 pages booklet;
  • Double CD digipak with 1-track CD containing the unreleased single
    Days To Come, sticker and miniposter.

    At the same time the first single Dead Zone In The Sky will be out, a four tracks digipak (two songs unavailable elsewhere).

    Since December 2003, instead, the new official bootleg Live In London will be sold ONLY at merchandise stand during Kirlian Camera / Stalingrad / Siderartica gigs.

    It's a deluxe digipak, limited to 1001 copies, and captures the Kirlian Camera and Stalingrad performances in London on May the 17th 2003.

    Moreover, new merchandise will be available soon!

    July 2003 News

    The new album changed name again: now called INVISIBLE FRONT, 2005 has been scheduled in two different editions:

  • Digipak with 12 pages booklet;
  • Special box-set with poster, unreleased 7", card, double Digipak and booklet.

    Actually the band is finishing the re-recording of some vocal parts.

    Moreover three singles from this album were annouced:

  • Dead Zone In The Sky, in jewel box with 4 pages booklet;
  • the long-time waited K-PAX, again in jewel box with 4 pages booklet;
  • The Immaterial Children, a limited edition 3" MCD.

    Some rumours regard a live album, so long wished by any fan. Better info will follow soon.

    March 2003 News

    The new single K-PAX has been delayed to May 2003.
    But there are good news too: it will be longer than how previous projected and will include seven tracks instead of four. Moreover, six of them will be featured only here.

    Some delay also for the new album INVISIBLE FRONT, 2004, forecasted to Autumn/Fall 2003.

    About re-release, It Doesn't Matter, Now should see the light around October 2003 via E.N.D.E. / Radio Luxor, while an amazing new regards the re-release of Todesengel The Fall Of Life.
    Including several bonus-tracks, this edition will be the definitive one and will feature a different artwork (as intented originally) as Triton Records lost the previous artwork.

    Speaking about Triton Records, the band releases distribuited by this label must be considered ILLEGAL due a rights controversy.

    Please stop immediately to buy from them any Kirlian Camera records / merchandise.

    Finally titled the forthcoming release of Siderartica.
    It will be called Shapes And Colours From The Land Of God and released in limited edition 12" vinyl. It will features the namesake track and two remixes made by Y-LU-KO and Morph.

    Stalingrad recorded a track for the long-time announced tribute to Ain Soph.

    Moreover, fans will be happy to know that during Fields Of Sunset III Festival will be distribuited a limited edition 3" CD-R with exclusive material from Kirlian Camera and Siderartica. The nice thing is that 200 copies will be given for free to the first 200 visitors of the Festival!

    January 2003 News

    A new single is coming from the band: K-PAX will be released on April 2003, on Trisol (D). The title-track is taken from the forthcoming album and the single features other two exclusive tracks and another one in exclusive version.

    The long time announced album Invisible Front, 2004 should be released around late Spring 2003.
    Featuring two discs, the first one will be full of slow-rhythm and melanchonic tracks, with lots of electronics and chamber orchestra music. The second disc will feature powerful and rhythm-orientated tracks.
    As already announced many guests will appear, among the others Jarboe (in two tracks), Ivano Bizzi, Francesco Germini and his string quartet, the Musica Venetiana chamber ensemble.

    Quoting Jarboe (already ex-Swans), Angelo Bergamini and Elena Fossi have remixed the track A Woman's Dream that will appear on the forthcoming album Men of the American singer. Release-date is expected for Spring 2003.

    Another remix, this time for the band Y-LU-KO, will appear on their forthcoming remix album.

    Many long-date fans of the band will be happy knowing that Mauro Montacchini, earlier co-founder of the band and first bassist, joined again Kirlian Camera.

    The re-release of It Doesn't Matter, Now, the first full-length album of the band, will be release in the next months through E.N.D.E.. It will feature also three bonus-tracks taken from era singles.

    A split-single with Stalingrad is scheduled for Autumn 2003 in a special limited edition, but it must be still confirmed.

    Concerning Siderartica, the scheduled single Atmosphere is deleted, while is confirmed the 12" vinyl. The new album is delayed to Autumn 2003.