November 2002 News

Great news in Kirlian Camera home. The new label now is Trisol / EFA, that will provide full freedom to the band and hopefully a greater visibility in the scene.

Also Siderartica will change label, and Elena Fossi is still choosing which one will be.
The base-label will remain however Shadowlab.

Other projects concerning this band regard the release of a 12" vinyl with a new song and an unreleased remix by Morph, around December 2002 - January 2003.

In Spring 2003 the new album will follow, a bit darker and different than previous one.

October 2002 News

>Invisible Front, 2004< will be out in Spring 2003 for German label Trisol.
A double-CD album that will contain new material and re-elaborated recent material.
This album will be out in two different editions, double deluxe Digipak and
in box. The album will feature also the beautiful cover of Pink Floyd called Julia Dream.

Unfortunatly the projected mini-album Where's The Trick?!? (Pt.1 - An Extempore Chapter Of Kirlian Camera) was deleted.

Siderartica fans instead will see the mini-album Atmospheres this Winter, around Christmas 2002.

August 2002 News

>Invisible Front, 2003< (maybe 2004, now) release will be delayed to Winter 2002.

But Kirlian Camera fans don't scream! A new minialbum is scheduled for Autumn 2002. Titled Where's The Trick?!? (Pt.1 - An Extempore Chapter Of Kirlian Camera) and released by new band indie label Global Gladiators Inc. in a limited edition of 2000 copies.
It will feature rare and unreleased tracks, including the already mentioned cover of Pink Floyd song "Julia Dream".
KC line-up officially will be formed by Angelo Bergamini and Elena Fossi, but Emilia Lo Jacono will partecipate to some tracks.
It will sound different comparing the new album, but in with classic band trademark.

Another interested release will come from Testigos Del Crepuscolo (Argentina). It will be a compilation probably called Missing In Argentina with lots of band stuff.

June 2002 News

The new album >Invisible Front, 2003< will be probably released in digipak CD and limited edition CD and vinyl.

There are plans to issue a double digipak CD compilation (with free MCD) to
cover all the singles, together with new versions and collaborations with other artists.

Kirlian Camera is recording too a cover of early Pink Floyd song "Julia Dream", that will appear on a compilation from French mag Cynfeyrdd, out in summer.
The song could be featured in some official vinyl single too.

Court-Martial was finally released. The limited edition box will be out at the end of June, while the digipak edition will be NOT limited.
The band now owns its official e-mail address:

Siderartica debut album Night Parade will be out on August the 29th 2002.
It features 11 tracks, included the Joy Division cover "Atmosphere". This song will title a single limited to 500 copies, that should be out the same day of album release and it will features unreleased tracks and remixes.
A special package version of the album is available since June the 15th 2002, and it's limited to 102 numbered copies. It's released by Shadowlab (I).

Emilia Lo Jacono is actually working as Kirlian Camera collaborator due her high charge of work.

May 2002 News

Stalingrad first album is still delayed.
Definitively called Court-Martial, it will be out in two different edtions:

  • Digipak limited to 1123 copies.
  • BOX limited to 496 copies including a MCD with remixes by DDR and Nueva Germania.

    From the side of concerts, the situation is very critical: recent events happened on 11. Wave-Gotik-Treffen are producing bad effects on promoters, and the future is deeply uncertain.

    April 2002 News

    Uno was released. First release is in digipak, later on standar jewel case.

    Kirlian Camera are still working on the new album, now called >Invisible Front, 2003<.
    Release date is settled on September the 1st 2002, exactly two years after Still Air release.
    A first taste of the album is available on the compilation Sliding Horse, even if the entire album will be very different from this track.

    Stalingrad first album will be released in Autumn 2002. The title is still uncertain, the choice remains between Neither Honour Nor Glory or Court-Martial. It will be released in digipak and picture disc.
    Within a couple of months it should be out also a shaped-disc called Adrian (Morriconiana).

    Siderartica had to see its first album, Night Parade released on March the 22nd 2002, but there is some delay. Anyway, it will follow a single from this album, on the official site it should be Atmosphere, but rumours indicate also Seasons Of The World.

    Emilia Lo Jacono will start the recordings of her already mentioned first solo album (Along A Rainy Coast) at the ending of this year / beginning of next year.
    She will be helped by Angelo Bergamini and many other collaborators.
    Meanwhile she is working again on her photographic album that will be published by Mondo Bizzaro Press around Christmas 2002.

    February 2002 News

    The first re-release will be called Uno, and its release-date was posticiped to first week of March 2002. It will be released in Digipak format.

    Concerning the new album Court-Martial, it is now scheduled to be out on 1st September 2002. Three different editions scheduled:

  • CD standard
  • CD special edition
  • Limited double vinyl edition

    Various collaborators could appear, while Jarboe will collaborate on the entire album, as well as Angelo Bergamini will partecipate on 1 track of her next album Men, scheduled for mid Spring 2002.

    In the same period it could be released a new maxi-single, temporarly called Building Up A Paradise In Waterloo.
    The probable tracks are a new version of Made Of Shadow (already appeared as embryonal edition on Sliding Horse compilation), the second part of Unreachable One called Unreachable, an absolutely alternative live version of The Desert Inside and many others.

    The already mentioned Thaglasz (Death In June fan-club) project will be a 10 LP limited box set, called The Security Of Ignorance.
    The complete track-list should be the following:

  • Uniembryo 2, Unidentified Light outtake;
  • Uniembryo 3, Unidentified Light outtake;
  • Heldenplatz, unreleased live version;
  • Days To Come, unreleased;
  • Ascension, taken from Ascension miniCD.

    The side-project Stalingrad sees its album Neither Honour Nor Glory posticiped once again. Better info soon.

    Instead the album Night Parade of the side-project Siderartica will be out on mid Spring 2002, and it will be released as Digipak.
    For beginning of September 2002 the EP World's Seasons could be out, and it will contain the title-track, unreleased tracks, remixes and one live track.
    The band will continue sporadic live activity, often as Kirlian Camera support.

    January 2002 News

    Though this news is circulating since much time, now it's official: the next full-lenght KC album Court-Martial will see the collaboration with Jarboe, female ex-singer of the legendary Swans.

    Kirlian Camera / Dawn re-issue will be available this month.

    About 40 minutes of unreleased materials of 1997-1999 sessions has been given to Thaglasz (Death In June fan-club), in order to issue an entire vinyl dedicated to Kirlian Camera that will be sold along with a box with other artists' material.
    Among others, it seems it should feature a different version of Heldenplatz, as well as the alternative version of Ascension and one outtake from Unidentified Light.

    Concerning side-projects, Siderartica's debut will be called Night Parade, and it should be available around March-April 2002 for Triton Records (D).