December 2001 News

It seems clearer the re-release situation. In the next year, should see the light:

  • Kirlian Camera / Dawn: no need to comment - this is THE re-release!
    The first 12" and the first demo-tape, finally they will be available for everyone. Also, it should be included the unreleased track Microtech, from same era.
    Release-date should be around January-February 2002.
  • It Doesn't Matter, Now / Communicate, the first full-lenght album with first 12" mix. Also in this album, some unreleased tracks from the same years will be released for the first time.
    Release-date should be around mid 2002.

  • Erinnerung, the minicd of 1994, deleted since many years.
    It should also include the 1998 version released on The Ice Curtain.
    No release-date yet.

  • Various compilation. Collection of rare tracks as well as soundtrack-only tracks.
    No release-date yet.

  • Split with Sixth Comm. After the collaboration for Still Air, Patrick Leagas will collaborate again with our heroes.
    No release-date yet.

    Good news from gig side too: announced several new dates! Please see the concert page for details.

    November 2001 News

    Another side-project rose: Siderartica.
    Behind this monicker there are Elena Fossi, Andrea Savelli and Andrea Fossi.
    They will support Kirlian Camera on Vicenza 2001 gig and in future.
    Their first album should be out for Christmas 2001, released by Radio Luxor (I).

    Meanwhile, a great number of re-releases is scheduled to be out, included rare stuff. More details to come.

    October 2001 News

    Kirlian Camera finally projects new material.
    Around Christmas or immediately later should be out a new EP with five tracks.
    The scheduled title is Court-Martial, in a first time given to the first release of side-project Stalingrad.

    Some famous guests could join the recordings...

    Moreover, the record should be out in:

  • First limited edition of 700 copies;
  • Then standard edition;
  • Finally Picture Disc limited edition

    Speaking about Stalingrad, the record now takes the name of Neither Honour Nor Glory.
    Release-date is scheduled for the beginning of 2002.

    Finally, Emilia Lo Jacono will release her first solo album under the name Amee.
    Actually titled Along A Rainy Coast, it will be an acoustic record for strings and few other instruments, arranged by Angelo Bergamini and Francesco Germani (orchestra director in USA).

    Though no positive news come from gigs' side, Kirlian Camera could join the 11th Wave-Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, scheduled for May 2002.

    September 2001 News

    The campaign against Kirlian Camera continues. No news from the main band yet.

    Fortunatly, the minialbum Court-Martial of the side-project Stalingrad should see the light the same, though it has been delayed to November 2001.
    Some gigs for this band are projected too.

    August 2001 News

    Some tour-dates were released, please check concert page. Unfortunatly the campaign against Kirlian Camera forces to consider these dates as temporaries (the partecipation at Wave-Gothik Treffen 2001 was deleted for this reason).

    April 2001 News

    The official release date of Kälte Container is settled for 22th April 2001, even if other reliabler sources say for 5th May 2001.
    However after many delays now this ambitious tribute should really see the light.
    It will be released in 4 versions:

  • 1) Standard version with CD and book;
  • 2) Digipak CD without book;
  • 3) Limited edition box of 1000 numbered copies with CD, Maxi-CD with 4 extra tracks, t-shirt, mini-poster.
  • 4) Limited de-luxe edition CD and book of 100 numbered copies (to be confirmed).

    The maxi CD of third edition is called Der Blaue Container and features tracks by Andrew King, Leutha, Ultima Thule and Limbo.

    The Stalingrad's split with Criminal Asylum was temporarly deleted.

    It is possible that a new single with no title from Still Air will be released at the end of August.
    Projected to be released in CD and maybe in Picture-Disc, it should contain an acoustic version of At Any Moment Now together with the rare Der Letzte Tourist In Europa, another acoustic song.

    The Croatia festival was cancelled, as well as the Kopenhagen one's that was delayed.
    However some other dates (Toronto, Halifax, Saint Petersburg, Cagliari, London) have to be confirmed.

    March 2001 News

    Absentee was regularly released, it could take a while to reach shops.
    The NEW LOGO of Kirlian Camera was censored by SPV, so the front cover is without it.

    Some scheduled dates for gigs: please see the relative section .

    Stalingrad's first official work will be an untitled split work with Criminal Asylum.
    Strictly limited to only 1000 numbered copies, it will feature two tracks for artist and probably it will be a 10" picture-disc. The projected release date is around May or June 2001.

    February 2001 News

    Absentee has been delayed, but it will be out at the end of this month.

    Unfortunatly again no news about Kälte Container.

    January 2001 News

    Absentee should be released on January, though in slight delay comparing the official release date.

    Finally good news about Kälte Container, it should be see the light definitively in February 2001.

    New gig scheduled for:

  • March the 24th 2001: Siddharta Club (Via Traversa Pistoiese 83, Prato (FI), Italy), with Lupercalia.