December 2000 News

The extract from Still Air will be definitively called Absentee and it will be an EP of about 45 minutes length.
The official release date is scheduled for January the 10th 2001 on ENDE/Radio Luxor (I) / SPV (D).
Eight tracks in total, included two different mixes of the title-track and two tracks that will be played on live-set, one of these called just Still Air. Basically, this EP will be an ideal companion of the album.

Ready to be released in early 2001 is the first production of Stalingrad now called Court-Martial.

Finally, some news about live activity: it will re-start on January and end in June 2001:

  • December the 17th 2000: La Locomotive (90 Bd de Clichy, Paris 18o, France), at 23.00
  • February the 24th 2001: La Case à Chocs (Neuchâtel, Switzerland) with Criminal Asylum & Leutha
  • June 2001: Zagabria

    Better info hopefully soon.

    November 2000 News

    Just short news to inform that, as probably many of you already guessed, the long-waited Kälte Container won't see the light in November, though no official information were given yet.

    October 2000 News

    Still Air was finally released at the beginning of this month.

    A projected single is in preparation, it will be called Absente In A Blue Room or Absente/Blue Room, where Blue Room will be the new version that it will be released on Kälte Container.

    Besides, in this last project some other bands are rumoured to be involved, despite of the previous list published below.

    It's also rumoured a CD re-release of Dawn, the first demo tape and the rarest item of the band.

    Some news also for the side-project called Stalingrad. It's projected a track for the compilation Za Dom Spremni! and especially it will release the first mini-album in early 2001.

    September 2000 News

    The release of Still Air was delayed of some week.

    The release of Monolux, the projected retrospective for American scene, was canceled due low request from that market.

    Fortunatly good news about Kälte Container: the limited edition will contain also a second CD with other covers. The updated and confirmed list should be the following: Sixth Comm, Wumpscut, Collection-D'Arnell-Andrea, T.A.C., Allerseelen, Knifeladder (aka John Murphy), Criminal Asylum, Andrew King, Leutha, Naevus, Die Larm, Leisure Hive, Zosma, Andromeda Complex.

    August 2000 News

    Still Air release-date is posticiped for September the 9th. It will be released by Radio Luxor and it seems to be already great!

    About Kälte Container, definitively will be a limited 500 copies edition box with an English book of more than 100 pages that will contain history, discography, unreleased interviews, unreleased photographs, a t-shirt and a CD (also available separately once the limited edition will be sold out) with remixes and cover-versions of Kirlian Camera songs. Musicians involved include Sixth Comm (UK), :Wumpscut: (D), Naevus (UK), Collection D'Arnell-Andrea (F), Andrew King (already involved in Death In June) (UK), Andromeda Complex (I), Leutha (I), Die Larm (ex-Pankow) (I), Allerseelen (A), Limbo (I), T.A.C. (I), Leisure Hive (UK), Manipulation (D) and a special new version of Blue Room by Kirlian Camera themselves.

    June 2000 News

    A new release is projected for American scene. It should be called Monolux and it will be a new compilation single CD with different songs comparing to The Ice Curtain. It will include some new remix and rare song.

    About Kälte Container, it will be a book dedicated to the band, with a CD (also available separatly) with Kirlian Camera songs covered by other artists.

    May 2000 News

    The next album should be titled Still Air and it should be out on August the 25th.
    So, the release of Kälte Container has been delayed to early November.

    Kirlian Camera should partecipate to a Tribute to Goblin. The track featured should be Terra Di Goblin. It's still uncertain if the release will be on one or two discs. Better info (and a temporary track-list) could be found at

    April 2000 News

    In the end of April 2000 should be out the new Kälte Container.

    Released by Radio Luxor, it should be released in two different versions:
    standard edition and limited edition.

    The record should contain unreleased tracks, as well as cover and rarities.

    Limited edition should be limited to 500 numbered copies, and released in a box together with t-shirt, poster, pin and especially an unreleased miniCD and/or 7" (I have contrasting info about).