Tonight's snow has given a little break, in a way.
I've spent some minutes looking down at the square.
Yes, the "famous" square... This heaven's famous square.
Hours have gone by, today is yesterday.
Yesterday I was watching Sea... Sellers on the screen.
Today I will see Sean Seller's own bad dreams.
These rooms are getting smaller,
while the phone keeps on ringing...
It's ringing, ringing, ringing...
and laughing, laughing, laughing...
It continuously looks for somebody's lost trails...
It walks along the walls and sings in hidden dawns.
There's often a hazy shade in the evening ray of light
that stands against the door, so feverish and "stoned".
Perhaps I'm being wrong, as snowy nights are strange.
The phone laughs and laughs, and walks with funny paws,
it seems almost blind, white times to catch the flies.
So reach me whenever you want, my time is on your side...
Be sure I will be kind playing with you.
One day you'll get the feeling to catch a glimpse of something
and it'll seem to you that a hazy shade is laughing.
And it'll seem to you that a hazy shade starts moving.


Ana'n maia nen sa'n
Helma nah' shmarr.
Ana's maia nen sa'n
Helma nah' shmarr.

Szeh deh kaen va leh'va
Enah kunda mada
Shena sikra mirah
Hiun ja x'en.
Szeh deh kaen va leh'va
Enah kunda mada
Shena sikra mirah
Hiun ja x'en, naeh sceh denal.

Ana'n maia nen sa'n
Helma nah' shmarr
Hyrye wenah' ysal
Hon Gunih san.
Ana'n maia nen sa'n
Helma nah' shmarr
Hyrye wenah' ysal
Hon Gunih san.

Szeh deh kaen va leh'va
Enah kunda mada
Shena sikra mirah
Hiun ja x'en.
Szeh deh kaen va leh'va
Enah kunda mada
Shena sikra mirah
Hiun ja x'en. Ylah'en shwah'la

Ana'n maia nen sa'n
Helma nah' shmarr
Hyrye wenah' ysal
Hon Gunih san
Hyrye wenah' ysal
Hon, Abah'don


Useless words are going away,
to the waters of this sea
while your breath is getting cold
And an empty field around
tells 'bout flowers you have loved,
bringing flowers to your dusk
while your days are vanishing
lost somewhere among the tides
of your shining (and) hurting sky.

So your voice is calling now
and I can't believe it's happening here
In/at the end of this old night
while your hands begin to pray
in a new sun without light

And your shade is getting close(r)
Wrapped in those forgotten dreams
(It) gets clearer...
writing smiles on my lost lands
under grey and bitter rains
leading my eyes to the end.

And the room is getting bright
and I can't... I can't explain myself why
Now you're floating in the air
Now your laughing in the air
with your inexpressive voice

Who am I talking to?
Know your baby is just a lost name for/to you
Know your love is not a ray,
(it) couldn't shine in any sky
on this endless awful day.

So I'll bring them all your tears
as they should have seen the world
with these eyes
with the eyes of unknown years
Paint the horizon with your terror,
with your litanies of fear.

You gave me heaven, so you must die
You gave me hell, so you must die.
You gave me the whole world.
You had no mercy and who has no mercy must die.


Höre mir zu,
Du erinnerst Dich mehr daran, was passierte...
Höre mir zu,
Es macht nichts... es macht nichts...
Verbleiben ist nutzlos.
Höre mir zu,
Es macht nichts... es macht nichts...
Das ist nichts... nichts mehr.
Höre mir zu,
Wie viele Sterne hast Du in dieser Nacht gesehen...?
Höre mir zu,
Dachtest Du wirklich, es war das Licht des Winters...?
Höre mir zu...
Ja, Du hast wirklich gedacht, es was das Licht des Winters.
Du wirst mich nicht mehr besitzen.
Sie mich.

Schwarzes Licht, Du wirst zurückkehren... in mir.


I have looked at the light
one last time into the light
as I had nothing to lose.
Colours, show me those killing
friends of your best hours,
the special depth of your soul.
Amaze me with your voice
the same one I've ever heard
among invisible... colours.
But today you're elsewhere.

I don't know why every star is
a failure
shining in somebody's hidden
Oh sure, so your dreams come
So, I'm waiting still,
So, I'm seeing this great show,
blessing your kind soul.

No, there is no chance to talk
to my dog,
as everybody says I've to await
my turn...
All that you touch sounds,
all that you tell shines,
wonderful night friend
what may we do, now?!?
Bringing tears to your eyes
believe me it's so sad...
Then I no longer
expected you to come.
Sure, we will have fun
leafing through your pages...
My dear sweet blue eyes,
for sure you didn't know
that mercy itself is here.
So love me, dear ghost
on this opaque shore.
The head of my dog
will be our great food.


I have spent too much time
with naughty children.
I have given all I could
asking no questions.

Can't keep quiet any longer
while you're forcing yourself
to find out a reason for hating me.
Chill is coming in
and I couldn't give you a shelter,
couldn't take to your ghosts

These summer days are going
towards an end
and soon you'll be realizing
what really means
being lost in that silence
which is neither poetry
nor injustice
but just a sentence.

Killing without knowing
what is the reason...
"Innocent murderers"
I should forgive again...
Whatever you gave me
will burn without a trace.
You should have known
what your realm's made of.


Don't tell me that you are not really alive
Oh how many dreams I'm having in this life
Sometimes I see the daylight, but prefer to look
over its whitish borders, going with my eyes
over the memory of it.
Just a hazy memory, not even so nice
She was a completely drunk, was laying on the bed.
That time I recognized the place surely better,
feeling distant even more.
She went on asking me to hold her tight.
Her skin was so warm.
Then I pushed her head on the frozen grass
while the first snowflakes were falling down.
She suddenly turned to me with insane demon-eyes.
She was feeling hurt and won.
I let her go away.
Flat with no warm rooms shone in those
year's anguish, at night,
when their mouths had been singing
with that voice
Their paralyzing voice,
and when their screams
became my music itself.
So, where will you take me
once I talk to you?
Take me away because it's too late.
Now I'm getting better
I always laugh.
Yes, I always laugh.


Home, silent 'n crying home
how many years in your womb...
how many years in your womb...
Home, silent and crying home.

Stars have passed through your shore
distant like little flames...
Home, silent 'n crying home.
Home, crying 'n silent home.

Voices often spoke
in your cold telephones.
Home, silent 'n crying home.
Home, silent 'n falling home.

(words taken from poem "Im Gewitter Der Rosen" written by German poet Ingebord Bachman in 1957)

Wohin wir uns wenden im Gewitter der Rosen,
ist die Nacht von Dornen erhellt, und der Donner
des Laubs, das so leise war in den Büschen,
folgt uns jetzt auf dem Fuß.