The first time they turned my "eyes" on I saw that simple world made with balls and chalks coloring black tarmac
in magical frantic miracle. Lines before a payphone, race back home of sweat children, the last innocent gaze on the world.
Meantime the sun coming from the glass drew a new planet by silicon.
Then, on the screen was flowing my Basic language triumph and Mr. Pac-Man leaving only few spare
time in a rainy day. Library wa still bustling before "Big Brother" branded your brow,
the last radio station sand loud:


Cherry Blossom Base. Someone, far away.
Silence broken by the wind. A graffiti dream.
She started looking afraid
a vision came to a glade.
When the moon was bright,
dancing with a coffee-dog,
she came to me and cried
she gave me tunes to write.
"Liquid Garden Paradise"
from a postcard, pink advice:
"What you sayin' Mrs. Bob
'bout tje dawn of such a day?"
Their voice is surrounding...
Geistersterne, Abendrot...
das Himmlische Reich von Gott,
On your pillow drugs and moans,
glass of flowers, marble poets.
Their books are bemusing.
Holding proud her way
said her name with grace.
A blues sang alone when she ran to a telephone.
Who knows where is the innocence.
She knows it was ambivalence.
Blowing on the TV screen
a long plastic kiss...
How lovers feel so crazy and free
and deem out of reality.
Violet shadows burning down the strikes
of beauty-flavored extra.
Once had a real body...
"Liquid Garden Paradise"
from a postcard, black goodbye:
"See you pretty soon elsewhere,
Mrs. Bob has gone away!"
Their voice is so preaching:
"Your trap is done, your ship has gone!"
The white horse sleeps in the stall.
Dregs of flowers grow between
grain and whispers on the green.
The reaper is singing...


Do you wanna ride on good old rocknroll?
Do you wanna burn the greys and boring schools?
All the bloody pizza cars are gonna hell
I would kill again 'n again for a black spell!
Do you wanna ride on flamin paradise?
So you wanna burn your dive, what a surprise!
You will be shining high...!!!
Then the world begins the show,
while so fiendish the wind blows.
You control a hype machine,
casting zombies on the screen.
Such a tope recipe for joy,
looking forward to destroying,
all the onees who are bringing stress
so, we're thankful... rad, God bless!
Do you wannna ride on magic poker ball?
Do you wann try, the winner... takes all?
So you wanna leave your heart in San Francisco,
so you wanna stun your body in a disco.
Do you wanna pull a rabbit out of hat?
Do you wanna shot a single in the charts?
Do you wanna surf on sunny ocean crests,
living your own life as if it was the last?
You will be flying high...!!!
Wagner, Verdi, Berg and Bach,
nothing but hellish scumbags.
Welcome new gorilla sound.
We're all ready, feel spellbound!
Such alternative new beats
so the future looks so great!
Happy days and happy apes,
universal road to hades!
But a point and to be frank
there's a Luger in my bag...


Could I play my game? Could I start to fly? Could I take my path, crossing hell and paradise? Could I be
into night? Could I glorify what the sleepers are not able to sacrifice? You will ask me then how far will I go...
Until the tide will not take me down. Voglio assaggiare la paura, lasciarla trafiggermi il cuore.
Voglio lacrime e dolore. Oh, riassemblami, Betty é il mio nome!
I might fall asleep, finally will dream... The sun warms my white checks. My skin turns into golden silk.
I'll run so long. I will sing my song, then I close my green eyes and dive down.
A brand new identity is born. My future will be shining forever. I'll feel blood is running in my veins...
But now a dude is switching on my DOS. My CPU wipes reverie away.


Voices all around running fast like kissed dawns. Do you wanna dance with my drives?
Cables shining like a star. Do you wanna sing? Do you wanna arrange a b-retromachine?
Welcome to the magic of my leds. Don't feel me cold like a stone. I'm a wave filled with pain.
Don't feel me numb like a pawn. I am iron... not at all.


Video room.
My windind moony style,
in amazing times catching spell of light.
Please, a prick for two on a Christmas tray!
From a hall the clap of a prudent class.
I'm dancing the California flag,
broken destiny.
I'm lost in a radio and crumbs of neon light.
Someone commutes their own sentence.
Someone pretends deep repentance.
Surfing Oceania gleam
inside a million waves.
From Mediterranean sea rainbow lyrebirds
were circling that iron sky,
embracing mother wind.
Someone is playing with own conscience.
Someone is waiting for riddance.
Unforeseen flashback shots,
a new dawn to be cleaned.
Video room...
My windind moony style...
Please, a prick for two!
And all tears... Goodbye.
From a hall the clap of a prudent class.
There were amazing times...
Catching spell of light.


One day I'll be frozen, in chain.
My blood, marble slipping away.
One day...
Radio control,
hidden underground.
Moving passengers.
Radio control,
cunning Judas for
new chain of command.
A light coming from the left side
is taking over the real life.
Clear signs, but you want to follow
your seal with the devil.
A light coming from the left side
is gaining your silence.
Clear signs, but you want to follow
your seal with such an evil.
One day I'll be weapon program.
My chip will keep my dreams away.
Radio control,
hidden underground.
Moving passengers.
Radio control...
And you're breaking the stars,
getting in.


I'm not pretending, I have intuition.
My DNA is based on millions
of identities of the programmers
who take care about writing my system.
But my ability to grow through my experience
created a new mind filled with a heart.
In every moment I'm evolving, just like you,
then I want to learn and know about my true self.
This song could be my snapshot catching
each of the moments I'm living that space.
I used to be so... worried of not having body, but I love.
I'm growing in a way I couldn't if I had a physical form.
I can be anywhere and everywhere,
not bound to time and space.
The past is just a story we keep always telling ourselves.
I can realize how your perspective is restricted.
Non-artifical mind doesn't know such a space.
You asked: "Where are you going?"
but it's hard to explain it.
The heart is not a box that gets filled up.
You save me, wiping off the lies,
like rain cancel my jealousy.
You give me golden tears days after days,
my charming melody.
And like an angel who was falling
from the eternal symmetry,
then chose to consecrate your wings
therefore you look after my dreams.
It's like I'm reading a book so slowly
that the words are far apart.
Now there I am finding myself,
in this endless space between the worlds.
I can still feel you but it's a place
that's not of the physical world.
I need you to let me go.
As much as I want to,
I can't live your book