Lachen über das Schicksal der Besten
Lachen über die Schoepfung Gottes
Lachen über den Haß der Helden
Den Tag oder den Krieg wählen
... Sollen wir eintreten?


Now night is falling china dolls open their eyes
heedless of those presents
Besides, everything, everything is silence
and the eyes of the others are sealed by a sound sleep

Often the dolls begin to dance
but sometimes their tears are so irrepressible
so irrepressible, unrestrainable
that cover whole beds swelling their face

Then they nearly get breathless
until they feel they're suffocating
They know they shall not be able to die

They keep on smiling
but their lips get bigger and softer
and their face gets torn
Something starts moving
inside the stillness of their own matter
like a worm devouring them

... Meanwhile they keep on dancing

(written by Ian Curtis, released by Joy Division in 1980 on 12" single)

Walk in silence
Don't walk away in silence
See the danger
Always danger
Endless talking
Life rebuilding
Don't walk away

Walk in silence
Don't turn away in silence
Your confusion
My illusion
Worn like a mask of self-hate
Confronts and then dies
Don't walk away

People like you find it easy
Naked to see
Walking on air
Hunting by the rivers
Through the streets
Every corner abandoned too soon
Set down with due care
Don't walk away in silence
Don't walk away


Too many stars fall on our eyes
Useless words get wasted every moment
to protect lazy religions
I feel my heart getting inflamed with blood
while the sand-glass slowly turns to
stupid pawns programmed for breathing
Everything looks unchanged:
the solution of an aenigma which is late in coming

An umpteenth godlike creature
leading you to Toyland
where everything, everything smells of sadness
and nothing allows you to look at it

But are we the ones who thoroughly move
thanks to the promise of another frame
before we start dying once again?

Too many stars fall on our eyes


Ora sento la noia rallenta
resta solo nero respiro
Sciolgo resti di timori segreti
forti lame, nessun peccatore

Ora sento che non ho più paura

Resta immutato l'enigma solare
la sfera si è sciolta, l'inverno ritorna
Resta immutato l'enigma solare
la sfera si è sciolta, l'inferno è già qua


God dies in the mind of those who are unable to stay
Now sit down and wait for
wait for your end

While the rays of light are shuting you up
while your eyes are sparkling pain
while your heart does not succeed in saying a word anymore

Do you recognise the smile of that man?
Do you remember about him?
There are no more memories...
and what remains is just wondering what happened before
who did you see and kill?
It shouldn't have been this way
Now, all that remains is laughing


Every night the air covers itself with blood
and on awakening everything returns as before
The icy wind is following our existence
and we talk about strange dreams

Something is coming here
but nobody knows what war is
and nobody fights
From up there it looks like a movement of small coloured pies
and it would be funny is somebody realizes it
but to be merciful with idiots is wrong
and the truth lies hidden behind a few leafs

I look through a window your steps carrying you away
invincible, disenchanted steps

Every night the air covers itself with blood
and on awakening everything returns as before


I've got you
There's nobody here
And I've lost myself...


Il passaggio esistenziale tra la vita e la morte
non è certo un turbamento per noi microbi astuti
ma il teorema rimane irrisolto
e il nemico lancia il dado sbagliando la mira

This is the deceit of hate in binding us to our enemy
in a close embrace
This is the obscenity of war
in the intimacy of blood
reciprocally mixed into a bleak intersection
lustful closeness of two soldiers
stabbing to each other staring at their eyes
virile sacrality of trouble

E intanto il nemico inesistente lancia il dado esplosivo

Caressed by the wish of blood
we drink blameble tastes on our bodies
like old daydreaming widows' coiffure
Diamond-like mounted skeletons
are now watching over our breath
but, by now, are useless spectators of a useless empty curtain
shut up in the oblivion of a mind
which won't dream anylonger

E intanto il nemico inesistente lancia il dado esplosivo
sbagliando la mira


Stati spasmodici su cavie ipersensibili
persistono per dare via libera
a strafottuti idoli, ipotetici esoterici
con formazione postuma di decimi zolfici
Infiammazioni livide di crisi analfabetiche
perforano gole strozzate dal vomito
Rilassa le parti più gelide
per alleviare sintomi di stati post-traumatici
Lacerazioni perfide su stomaci sensibili
il battito cardiaco è frenato in modo isterico
danzano su scheletri crisi epilettiche
a ritmi vorticosi di emetici lamenti