Tonight's snow has given a little break, in a way.
I've spent some minutes looking down at the square.
Yes, the "famous" square... This heaven's famous square.
Hours have gone by, today is yesterday.
Yesterday I was watching Sea... Sellers on the screen.
Today I will see Sean Seller's own bad dreams.
These rooms are getting smaller,
while the phone keeps on ringing...
It's ringing, ringing, ringing...
and laughing, laughing, laughing...
It continuously looks for somebody's lost trails...
It walks along the walls and sings in hidden dawns.
There's often a hazy shade in the evening ray of light
that stands against the door, so feverish and "stoned".
Perhaps I'm being wrong, as snowy nights are strange.
The phone laughs and laughs, and walks with funny paws,
it seems almost blind, white times to catch the flies.
So reach me whenever you want, my time is on your side...
Be sure I will be kind playing with you.
One day you'll get the feeling to catch a glimpse of something
and it'll seem to you that a hazy shade is laughing.
And it'll seem to you that a hazy shade starts moving.


So here I am close to these windows,
watching those eyes just for a frame,
feeling I can't stand that reflection,
while everything flies into flames.
Thank you my friends for giving me kindness,
for understanding what I need,
forgetting you will be not so hard.
All that remains.
All that remains.

And here's to you your beloved ghost.
The things I've seen in me are lost.
Dear lovers you... you know who I am,
thank you for having killed me so gently,
for all the tears I cannot cry.
All that remains is just a fool
who talks with monsters you don't see.
All that remains is just "bare wisdom".

I beg you tell me silent words
'cause every time I close my eyes
a scary light denies my sleep
and a well-known terror suffocates me.
So please I beg you let me fade
giving me your warm lost hand to hold on to.
All that remains is just sleep.
All that remains.
All that remains.


Useless words are going away,
to the waters of this sea
while your breath is getting cold
And an empty field around
tells 'bout flowers you have loved,
bringing flowers to your dusk
while your days are vanishing
lost somewhere among the tides
of your shining (and) hurting sky.

So your voice is calling now
and I can't believe it's happening here
In/at the end of this old night
while your hands begin to pray
in a new sun without light

And your shade is getting close(r)
Wrapped in those forgotten dreams
(It) gets clearer...
writing smiles on my lost lands
under grey and bitter rains
leading my eyes to the end.

And the room is getting bright
and I can't... I can't explain myself why
Now you're floating in the air
Now your laughing in the air
with your inexpressive voice

Who am I talking to?
Know your baby is just a lost name for/to you
Know your love is not a ray,
(it) couldn't shine in any sky
on this endless awful day.

So I'll bring them all your tears
as they should have seen the world
with these eyes
with the eyes of unknown years
Paint the horizon with your terror,
with your litanies of fear.

You gave me heaven, so you must die
You gave me hell, so you must die.
You gave me the whole world.
You had no mercy and who has no mercy must die.


Dead cities.
Me inside me.
Spring's coming from you
in this solitude.
Lost in the true of death.
Icy Miami Cyborgs
Icy Miami Cyborgs,
Inside, inside...

These men without my eyes,
they don't know, they don't know.
The warm wind's calling from the sea.
Waters in which I'm drifting.
Golden desertical beachs.
Eternal love, eternal cry.

I see the windows,
I see Uranie hotel from the inside,
old chairs on the edge of the wall of shadows,
and all that I love...
Dad is dead in my arms,
and so, all each others..

The trees rebirth around him
how can I explain it to myself..?
Lights of life, lights of life
so near to me,
one step again, only one in your rain;
laying on the sand..
Rain's falling on his body.
There's a point in that immensity,
in the obscure ocean.
And now Miami is dead,
Wet sands... wet sands...


Sometimes in the blue room / another dream fades away /
velvet as the moon / she lays down and resting stays /
So she's seeing / the shadow of life /
falls over the bright light / and so on /
she's breathing the air / surrounding celestial stairs /
And in the bright light / shine all the sparkles in flight /
hold me tight / just cross the line /
words capture silently / all this time /
reminds me now / of islands rising silently /
desert zones / and western domes /
footsteps sound so lonely / Travelling into dreams /
passing season gloved in grey / the feeble dying beam /
its pain without ecstasy / so, now /
the contact is lost / nothing but a sense of fear /
and tonight / the ocean is quiet /
it's waters forever dead / and so tell me /
why reason and lives / are lost inside unveiled desires /
And it's too late / too late to return /
from that golden exotic place / Screaming at last /
and looking around / all my life lost in /
a bridge filled with night.

(words taken from a poem written in 1915 by August Stramm)

Welten schweigen aus mir raus
Welten, Welten
Schwarz und fahl und Licht!
Licht im Licht!
Glühen, Flackern, Lodern
Weben, Schweben, Leben
Nahen, Schreiten, Schreiten
All die weh verklungenen Wünsche
All die herb zerrungenen Tränen
All die barsch verlachten Ängste
All die kalt erstickten Gluten
Durch den Siedstrom meines Blutes
Durch das Brennen meiner Sehnen
Durch die Lohe der Gedanken
Stürmen, stürmen
Bogen bahnen
Regen wegen
Den Weg
Den Weg
Den Weg
Zu mir!
Den Weg
Den ich umbrausten
Den Weg
Den du umträumten
Den Weg
Den flammenzerrissenen
Den Weg
Den unbegangenen
Gefundenen Weg


Watching those flowers burning out tonight
Screams and soft lovers, memories of a fight.
Slowly the clouds are fading into a cage,
While from my hands is falling another page...
Dreams and lost days are burning in the past,
Velvet black rays are drifting now so fast,
And in the great light I cannot see no more
Where is the right side, where is the golden door.
Mornings and colors are playing out of here,
Because I don't remember the memories of fear,
The aura of the moondawn is loosing her contours,
Sweet angels of heaven are missing their return.
Echoes of whispers so similar to paint,
Distant, so distant, like diamonds in the rain,
And if for a moment there lights are on your lips,
I know, there's no answer, but a wonderful eclipse.