Keep laughing as you have always done
and as usual ignoring your extreme weakness
will destroy you.
Days are over
a soft dream dying off
a wrong dream dying off.
I see you waking
moving, talking
I don't understand
what else you've got...
you've got to save
Logic's not here
You built hell but
I was not with you.
Days of silence invade the soul
they terrify beyond god's scream
No more prayers, only shapes
only shades to delete.
Falling, falling
and feeling out
this deep old pain.
A destroyed mind
almost burned eyes
not knowning how long.
This light goes on
shining, blinding
what still remains.
This light goes on
shining burning.


Those eyes were
staring at me
through the glass.
A silent face
filled with anger
filled with blind hate
and despair.
I couldn't say anything more
and I couldn't clear my name.
I've been sentenced 'cause I've been dreaming
but it's too easy to say these things...
And the eyes will stare at me again
through the cold glass
of the whole world.
And they'll sentence me again
all those moments
I feel myself
falling down.
So they'll sentence me again
for the wrong things
I have made
all days when
I've been thinking
I would have lost my strenght.
In the end they did find me
and my weapons were stained with blood
Don't remember...
but I would swear
I have been not really harmed.
So, they did find the corpses
which I don't remember having killed.
One cold morning
after a restless night
I remember I was trembling
had a blinding light in my brain
and my eyes were so tired...
Yes, a blinding light was coming down
coming down to my eyes.
What would be the point of telling the truth
when everybody wants me to forget about it...?


I hear the barking dogs singing your favourite tune
among the growing corn, in this tired summer's flood
I see the falling drops
I hear your boring groans
they sound like casual howls
coming from endless shows...
No one will get into this place
as no one could get out unhurt.
No one will find anything else
but fixed expressions on a picture.
No one can hear, no one can see
no one can save me from my past
no one can eat my chilly heart
no one will escape from this rain.
I've understood your thoughts.
I've been part of your soul
but I never met you before
along these corridors.
I hear the barking dogs,
they sing your favourite tune
among the growing corn
in this old summer's flood...
The game is over, stuff your sun
stuff your light, stuff your drugs
your cowardice, your mummy's sneer
as anyway I'll take you to her.
And blindness is coming, coming here
to our lost lands, to our regrets.
Its kiss is great its hands are cold...
So blindness is coming. Coming here.
And everything is burning down this lost and paralyzing sea
and Donald Duck is smiling from hell
and waves his lovely little hand.
No one can hear, no one can see
no one can save me from my past
no one can eat my chilly heart
no one will escape from this rain.
You legendary idiot shits
what have you been thinking with this joke?
Where have you been, what have you done
what may you say and add and realize?
Your conformity, your anarchy
your rhetoric, your black old Sundays...
The game is over, stuff your sun.
Where have you been, what have you done?
No one will get into this place
as no one could get out unhurt.
No one will find anything else
but laughing killers in a picture.


A warm, peaceful river
flows down there. Blue horizons on your head...
You are lucky, get relaxed...
Do believe me, everything is running fine
we are here just for you, trying to save you and keep you calm
You're not lost, so don't care
if you see any shining 'round your bed, in that room
So be strong, and hold on.
There's a place near this house
and your daddy will take you there...
So talk to me, no, don't lose your will now...
A warm, golden river
that flows filled with mice...
........ Little mice, little world, just a kingdom to belong to...
........ Little world, little mice, just a kingdom to belong to...
No she's not able to speak to anybody else but her dreams,
she's a fool, she's a lunatic, she's never really existed...
just a joke of your mind... So, come on, make your choice...
Save the whales / Kill the flies
Don't eat meat / Don't kill pigs / Save the planet / Save your soul
Get left-wing / Get right-wing / Read Bukowski, don't waste time!
... And be kind, and be grateful / Tell me how you're so special
Buy a flat and some pet / and do not forget your roots!
Trust in Satan, he's the truth / Anyway you're nothing... nothing
And inside you are God, you are free, you are my son.
Keep on taking drugs and pills... Got addicted? Get cleared out!
Let's change treatment / Drink less coffee...
There's a light in the sky.
"Welcome to you all, come to me
call by phone and excuse me
if I don't speak so well... Let your friends come with you!".
She's never really existed... just a joke of your mind...
Keep on taking sedatives... There's a light in the sky.


I can't talk to you
any longer... sure.
Don't you see anything
coming, getting closer, now?
Yes, it's the hazy moon
still, motionless and cold
Yes, just the summer moon
still, motionless and tired.
Moon is getting near
to calm down your fear.
This flight has been easy
get ready to get off.
Yes, it's the dreamy moon
still, motionless and cold
Just the hazy moon...
Now your heart is going away.


Fly with your mind
to hot summerland
Take a break
in the morning air
While everything runs in the best way.
Let's call on the phone
your closest friend...
Maybe tonite
we will reach the West
watching the nightsky
dreaming the best.
Dreaming the sun sky,
getting the best...
This is not the right place
for those psychopaths
I write about in my trendy craps...
(Lucifer is an angel
living on the violet hill)...
Hawaiian shirts and some vodka-ice
Don't wanna see any well-known faces
... Writing reviews for some music mags...
... eating hot-dogs on the golden sands... sands...
Nobody can do anything to me
This isn't fiction and not a film.
"We're just the alternative ultra-chic...
Killers exist only in your fantasy..."


Everybody is sleeping now
I've been traveling for hours
Outskirts' first lights start to appear down there
I've always liked these cold and gloomy underpasses.
But I think I would like to fly away...
Yes, I think I would like to fly away.
I don't know what they're dreaming about
I don't know how they are able to sleep.
We have been talking a lot, today
We have been laughing more than ever.
These lost nights...
These lost nights succeed in calming me down.
Some days ago we have lost the way,
we had been going the wrong way
So, we decided to stop there
drawing up the car to the side...
Then we lit a cigarette
remaining there for a while
Countryside was so flat
flat and quiet
There was no hill around
that pale sun
and corn was slightly rippling.
We'll wake up a bit later, tomorrow
Tonight we sleep more.
Yes, we'll keep on dreaming...
keep on dreaming.