Up here, in this part of the sky, each nerve transmits sounds.
Dimensional space is cancelled,
and there's no interruption in its purity.
The desert is nothing, now...
There are no falling sleeves, here,
no day reminds of another,
as no instant is similar to another.
No life crosses any other lives, and never will do...
as every being has been conceived for a sole aim,
and is held in a page apart.
Lunar vista is a source into oblivion,
It shines with a light which is not comparable to any possible atmosphere,
simply, with refinement.
Chill and dream both become questions,
There's no breath any longer and the eyes will remain shut.
Here stars don't belong to any painter's poor vision
and every entity is comparable withi infinity.
Thought analyses itself on diagrams of everlasting light
and heaven loses its borders.


A sunny morning, almost spring,
your drowsy smile grey like a kiss
some weary lover would have given
to a glorious jewel from the abyss.
Where are the hours of your rising night...?
Worn-out and incredibly bright...
And then again we both wake up
saying hello to our own world
a dust like gold was everywhere
filling the room, the reborn air
unseen a spetter was waiting
for that invincible soldier.
He had my eyes and my cruel heart
my secret days, my chilling flames
was near to you while staying apart
watching his days lost in a game
made for some ghosts looking like him
but I can swear he had a dream.
A sunny morning, maybe March
And now must turn my face to you,
I must realize what is that arch
enemy looking for your blue
but willing and merciful arms.
Don't say a word.
The world has gone.


(Year 2005.
A small but powerful spaceship called "Nefertiti One",
only containing the corpse of a beautiful 33 year-old woman,
has been launched to space,
for the purpose of making possible extraterrestrial intelligent forms of life
admire human beauty at its best.
The body has been teatred with CS4BETA2, a revolutionary mummifying process
created by the Canada-based firm Innovative Icon Laboratoires.
Nefertiti One should be in a position to travel by space
one thousand years approximately,
before becoming a wreckage lost into eternity)

Blue suns, crystal and soundless.
Right the third year after departing.
Meanwhile, down on the mother,
another ape is feeling sad.
Lasting fine scent as a human
impossible history made by French or Italian liars,
tattoed lipstick and grey eyes
thrusted in your sculptural mournful sleep.
On earth, October's last blossoms
are smelling intense filled with life
one minute before getting shadows.
While like an enemy you're going
towards the final empty exile
to glorify a far off decline.
Your arms today look slighly tanned
as maybe stars have touched your skin,
going beyond the proof blue crystal.
A new world is coming up to your ship
tomorrow's dawn will see the shape
of a star sanctuary's dream valley.


There's an obscure place in the sky
holding momories of what really occours
Nobody knows where it is, not even God,
and its gate is lost in the mist.
There's no bright praying, nor your name's sound.
It holds the shapes, shapes of souls,
the dead zone in the sky.
There's no bright praying, no name's sound.
It holds the shapes, shapes of ghosts.
The dead zone in the sky.
The past of the ones going there will be erased,
not found any more.
There, the final space where some lives
will succeed in dying, becoming eyes.
There you'll become silent death
living invisible as God himself.
There, in the final space where some lives
will succeed in dying, becoming eyes.


In the dark, every shape creates flashes of fear
and this night's chilly breath is shaking my thoughts like old autumn leaves.
Sometimes I'm happen to dream... and I don't know the truth.
I'm seeing you... just seeing you... again... holding out
for a non-existent guilt, for every repressed scream.
You waited... waited... but your mother was not looking at you
and your not many years were freezing the room and all of the eyes around there.
When I saw you... you were dead.
Then, I saw a shadow passing by
So I got a bit confused.
Don't dry your tears,
Now they must see your pain...


every night I pour wine
in the silver glass you loved
once again
I drink your past and close my eyes
sitting near you, empty.
And still I am here
with your smile thrusted in my heart
every night.
All the words
all the downs
all the men
all the shame
all the lies
all the ruins
all the sounds
all the damned suns
all the beasts
all the bastard sons
are about to know who you were


In every death there shines a star.
Every sorrow recalls frames of a no return to life.
May you see the brightness of lost distant Jupiter's rings?
One day sunrise never will come.
No return to life.
Flashes of life chase each others.
Would have cried all my tears...
down there I found my breath.
And heart doesn't beat anymore
but life's dreaming into dread.
Mars sky's layers are licking me.
No return to life.


Više me ne plaši buka
Gotovo da je ni ne čujem
Dole u dvorištu stoji par koraka
Jesu li to koraci za mene?
Tek jedno maleno ubistvo...
Ponekad, deca se igraju
Smeju se, preziru
Kiša staje
Smem li sada izači?
To je samo jošjedna smrt
Koja neče kasniti


Don't be sad and come, come to look out
of the windows in a wasted morning,
this lost and menacing sky is yours,
it's just my gift, my gift for you.
Only my hate still remains,
only closed eyes and hazy shouting
which are dying out so lazily while
everything shatters my idiot plans.
Let's go for a walk to foggy streets,
foggy like the dreams we dreamt about and
keep on staying alive in the frozen dreams
which somebody sings the praises of.
Here is just the hand of your cruel friend,
in a silence "vie" with no return,
then you push me back, back to the tiredness
where I come from... alone?
Maybe time ago I did give up,
losing something I was fond of,
but there is no trick, no lack of awareness,
if I look back.
Some hours again, in the loss's sun,
and also your eyes will get a flower,
born among the new fear of the crowd,
born while waiting crimes to come.
I have open eyes and I still breathe
and I breathe pure wrath in the cut air,
and believe me scorn is not enough
for this heaven.
And I breathe the streets of loneliness
even though they told I was dead
and I can't forget the boundless winter
and what it whispers.
Only for your eyes I might cry,
but I cannot look, cannot look t you.
I have joy and death within myself.
I have joy and death.