So here I am close to these windows,
watching those eyes just for a frame,
feeling I can't stand that reflection,
while everything flies into flames.
Thank you my friends for giving me kindness,
for understanding what I need,
forgetting you will be not so hard.
All that remains.
All that remains.

And here's to you your beloved ghost.
The things I've seen in me are lost.
Dear lovers you... you know who I am,
thank you for having killed me so gently,
for all the tears I cannot cry.
All that remains is just a fool
who talks with monsters you don't see.
All that remains is just "bare wisdom".

I beg you tell me silent words
'cause every time I close my eyes
a scary light denies my sleep
and a well-known terror suffocates me.
So please I beg you let me fade
giving me your warm lost hand to hold on to.
All that remains is just sleep.
All that remains.
All that remains.


See this place after winter
while wind is blowing softly
and another night has gone
with no sleep and neither noise.
"Sisters" are burning in Hell,
"brothers" maybe are doing it too.
Wrapped in fire or lost with angels
till those lies will become truth.

Burn and burn my little bed,
you should understand my opinion,
after all I'm wasting time
talking with some hidden idiot.
Burn and burn dear useless voice
losing you is the best choice,
no more lies to say any longer,
just some shit to die for.

When that Light's vast sea is coming
to kiss my head once again,
an involuntary dream
is getting closer for a while
with its warm blue hands of sorrow
and draws the past of a blind crowd,
when a future made of playing shades
appears among the rays.

Our lives "dance around fires"
that somebody needs to light
thinking life is just a star
made for boring bunnies' shouts.
Time for hearing fairy tales
time to thank for all this fun,
all the teddy bears are buying
brand new tickets to the sun.


I saw their faces go away
towards the shining sun
and everything reminds of their names
but I can't explain this cold.
And houses, houses all around,
across this uselessness.
I'm using all the words I can...
Can you understand an ill soul...?
There is not anything simpler
than this sense of defeat
and the dreams which remain unchanged,
like monuments to pity.

And I will wake up one morning
after sorrowful long years
giving ice and snow to earth
on the wings of a lost heart.
And then I will kill the daylight
and its shameful poor old tricks,
'cause your smile is just the only thing
I need to save
in me.
This winter
is calling me,
with its sad angels, around.

I loro volti andare via
verso il sole infinito
e tutto mi ricorda i loro nomi
in questo gelo
e luci e case tutte intorno
questo niente dentro
ed uso tutte le parole
e il cuore,
There is not anything simpler
than this sense of defeat
and the dreams which remain unchanged,
like moments to pity.

And the air seems to be still,
and no one may feel the kiss
of those cold and gentle lips
which give the merciful first rest.
Just an icy heaven's rising
on the ashes of the world,
turning off flaming horizons
with his boundless frozen dawns.
This desert of ice
is calling me... me again,
with his large arms of loneliness.

This desert of ice
is calling me... me again,
'cause he's the father
of mine.

The desert inside.