Fast, without a story the past falls
After so many windy days
A nameless new fog comes.
All that you may hear is just a lost noise...
Like a feverish hell's drone
In this petrified hill.
Anyway here it comes
Looking like unforeseen joy
In the end, as a thief
As a silly memory.
Stealing on stars on stars
And their everlasting fire.
Summertime, secretely
Here it comes with its nonsense
Stealing any revenge
And the voice of the dumb dead
Stealing both Satan's blood
And every possible last hope.
S'got your face, your language
Your all-time depressing voice
Your postcards from the world
Sent off when you were a star.
All the wanton lies you always spread
And all the allies you always had
Are now close to burn down.
Unreal oblivion without sound
Makes everything more ghostly while
So still appears the garden.
S'got the grudge you always had
And the snobbery of whom
Has a friend, maybe dead
His stuffed body in the lounge.
S'got the grudge you always had
And the snobbery of whom
Had a love, time ago...
Who killed you before your crimes...


Sunrays never shined
On the most luminous places
The children have never nailed lizards
Onto any wooden boards.
Stormy days were lukewarm
Like gentle spring caresses
And thunders were like a music
Not scaring anybody.
The sea went to draw a lost lake
While lapping the continent
Just while the snow was falling down
without memories.
Believe it
You were born within the arms
Of a crepuscular glory.
Faceless, His eyes smiled at you
Like inviolate coral
While you were gazing
At another haven's name
With your hazy memory
After a further flight
Called "birthday"...
Believe it
And now everybody falls asleep
In this grand silence
I knew that this moment would have come
To take your deep kiss away.
My bed now is filled with blood.


We are here to destroy the sun
The rusty sun
We've found the real way
To turn off its dumb heat.
None of you
Will have a chance to kill us.
Learning this will be fine.
We can say we are the death.

We're trying to carry out
A realm of terror...
No human being even dreamt of it.

It's clear we shall wipe out
Any resistance,


I'm told you had to be here three hours ago
But I've got no signal from you...
I can't remember the sound of your voice...
We need that recorded message.
Maybe you're already around this area...
But no way to see any trace of you, I repeat.
We didn't give up, I'm still here
And the others are waiting for some infos, close to "25".

Try to communicate with me by using "the other" language
Although I'm not so experienced in decoding it.
I'm afraid I might lose you forever.
This would be the end of everything.
My room by the Invisible Front
Is to be left soon. -They- call it "glaciation room".
Your message must be immediately spread
Talk to me now, because in a few hours
They will find my shadow... no doubt.

We're using this album to make you know our exact location
Please, contact me/us immediately at 4-260063-942525 EU.
There's no more time...
I can see the "other face" on the horizon.

No one remained...


Dirty liquid runs down the walls
Sliding through forgotten pipes.
Once I had beautiful flowers.
A beautiful child brought them to me every morning.
She'd explain how to keep them
Till next day
Fresh and shiny.
Then she disappeared, smiling,
Hoping I'd have carried on
With those scents just for myself.
I wanted to forget... and still, today
I'm trying not to remember
But my own sky
Overturns itself into a never-ending sun
Seemingly impressed on the ground.
I had every nature of a real garden
And its most beautiful colours
Spreading all around me.

There were enchanted animals and gems
Consecrated to truth
Strong winter days and blue rain bursting
In May
Music of the Gods and flashes of Credo...
Athens turned to Heavens.

Everything was unspoken
Holding up Paradise invisible tones.
Everything I described
Was actually alive
Incredibly shiny
Preserved within the sky dead zone.


every night I pour wine
in the silver glass you loved
once again
I drink your past and close my eyes
sitting near you, empty.
And still I am here
with your smile thrusted in my heart
every night.
All the words
all the downs
all the men
all the shame
all the lies
all the ruins
all the sounds
all the damned suns
all the beasts
all the bastard sons
are about to know who you were


He sets off surrounded by the black rays of death
Staring at it moment after moment
While his soul is watching over ancient starless skies
Whose life was it?
He knows it, he knows it all
He doesn't judge
But knows every single thing
Sunlight chokes up his heart
Surrounding him with buffoonery and wickedness
He walks on the never ending sun
He is exhaused
He neither bows nor rejoices once neart death
Never a tear on his face nor any dream through his mind
Same old pallor running across his ghostly silence
Giving him austerity and charming aversion
He's got the features of a Hollywood star
When gnelte and bored he's walking with different elegance
Towards the tracks of the eternal shadow
His blue silk refined coats don't loose composure
In front of a Nikon D-50 automatic flashes
And.. he vaguely slightly waves with his hand
Thus not discouraging the beasts around him
But, now, the onlookers' breathing is getting troubled
And alarmed...
The coroner knows that once the rays of the sun grow dim
It is time to enjoy the end of the film.


I couldn't foretell what it will be happening
In the next hours
I know you are laying on the ground
And every reason is lost
And anywhing you may think
Is hidden and buried with you.
But I am ready to find you
Ready to give life to your corpse.
I caught your faint signals
And I am ready to come
My blinding chilly sun.
Yes, sometimes I might hear
The hazy shape of your terrible echo.
I Never joked. Never mocked you nor me.
I am real.
I have killed every dream.
In every death there shines a star.
Every sorrow recalls frames of a no return to life.
May you see the brightness of lost distant Jupiter's rings?
One day sunrise never will come.
No return to life.
Flashes of life chase each others.
Would have cried all my tears...
down there I found my breath.
And heart doesn't beat anymore
but life's dreaming into dread.
Mars sky's layers are licking me.
No return to life.