I'm close to the deepest dream.
I quiver by light.
Rays as continuous flame shake my limbs.
I'm sick, I'm sick.
I'm devouring the world,
turning it over in my bloodless arms.
I'll take it away from you.
The flight will be long, far from the sun.
It will be cold there.
I'll be the one who cover you with wings,
with my burning weeping.
I'll give you warmth again,
I'll raise your worn-out body
from the muddy ground.
That idiot glimmer does not deserve you.
I will heal your wounds.
Deep cuts, in which the frost comes,
day after day looking for your death.
No, time will not have you.
No grey room
no surgery,
will waste your beauty.


Open the door to Satan
and now I'm feeling his knife on me,
on my skin.
He bought me roses,
like a gentleman he causes me a fire.
Euphoria calls my star.
Suddenly my skies are lost
a strong thunder's going across
every boundary with lies.
Someone took and kicked me out,
my nerves like sketches of light.
Close your rays to me.
I feel my own gloom
just on your mouth, into your heart
close my eyes.
But you locked up your white gate.
Satan was in front of my face
no flames around him
while his charm pushed me down.
Stratch my heart to the ground,
drive me to your desire.
I'm like an angel without chains,
killer of straight delight.
In my bright house of despair
like a shadow I scream my rage.


We are here to destroy the sun.
there are not many questions left to ask which we could answer.
we can go so far as to say, that we have found a method capable of destroying the sun.
we can say that we are death, but no one may ever accuse us of something which has always existed.
and above all, no one will have a chance to eliminate us, as in trying our state of elimination is temporary.
you had better learn that, even as these words are catalogued as ravings of madmen,
hence... I can freely state that we are death.


(Across a broken sky
a grimy sky of loss
I hear your lies
while dull inquiring eyes
hush the witness)
One day I was kicked out of home
the banks blocked the money I had
Then I was kicked out of my town
to make room for new dreams to break.
A few days later, all my friends
became strangers and told me
I had become a hateful person suddenly
started ignoring me... nameless guy.
And the judges separated me from my family
saying that I had to resign myself.
So I was frisked, arrested, interrogated.
finally, one day I was kicked out of my country
as I was told that my culture was subversive
then I was stuck in a city I never saw before.
There I had been banned
while I was looking for some relaxing place.
So I kept on making music with few tools left
trying to speak 'bout my feelings and a world
that couldn't be here, now.
But I was even denied doing that
as they said my music was so disgraceful and bad
for this smart society.
Then, the listeners started thinking
that they are able to talk for me
so I was denied speaking.
And they want to take away any memories
from my tired mind.
But no matter because I've the heaven,
unless God is like you...


The hand caressed my brow
softly in the summer crying
after that scary night
And then I opened my eyes
I saw your valiant face
I stood without a word
while the abyss was yelling its rage.
Maybe we attempted the impossible
maybe it wasn't worth it
There's nothing left for us
just clowns laughing down the streets
I couldn't regret this madness
and I couldn't forget the reason why
we came crashing against the world...
So my words are flowing slow
all over the drowsy room
like a song for one that is gone
leaving only a subtle perfume
In the air of this unwilled day
risen deaf to any burning prayers
I see a phoenix denied to rebirth
trapped in a neverending curse
Like children we wanted to unmask
the face of the universe
and we took bath in the rain, laughing desperate,
while blood was flowing down our mouths.
Like children we built a grave
and buried ourselves alive
holding hands
while darkness was taking the air forever away
on a damp ground of which the fairies were inconsolable keepers.
One day I will find you asleep. A message written on a shot...


until any time past made of words, keeps on existing by giving its light up into the sky,
we shall tenaciously work to finish it off.
there are not many examples to explain just what we are about to plan....
try to imagine long centuries without force coming from life or from tears.

مادة مظلمة (MATERIA OSCURA)

Scary sounds coming out from space and novas
Haunted town
squeaky vultures on your shoulders
always guess they own the knowledge
Grim wings flying out of control
on a insane decaying world of preys
Never turn your head away
never break 'em free
Love is frightening
'Love is deviant art'

Check the darkest plotter's name
Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'awati wal-Jihad

Il quarto giorno dopo il grande buio
vedremo l'alba sorgere sui lupi
e quei colori diventati bibbia
cadranno a pezzi
vento sulla sabbia...


we are trying to carry out a realm of tyranny
that no human being could ever dream of in the most disquieting nightmare,
yet in one fine morning, all will become real and very persistent music will be heard everywhere.
a world paralysis will be the first act of that course.
nothing will work the way it did up to a few minutes before.
there will be no chance to face this impending sorrow.
we are not a sect, we are simply death.


Any possible nature of pity
has never existed, in you.
Now I am reflecting your shadow.
So, the children today are dying
and in front of their bed
comes that fever which goes up to sleep.
They are going away.
So naively taken away by a natural horror,
and, amazed by it with no salvation,
as they were invisible and idiotic animals
too far from that Heaven
to believe in its soulful land,
warn out like a few others,
praying all this is not real.


our mission is to transfigure the current concept of beauty and aristocracy,
by modifying it within everyone in order to create a ravaging image of the present.
in order to eliminate the faintest joy of human spirit.
it's time that joy returns whence it came without wasting anymore time.
it is obvious that we shall scatter the opposition.
we are not here for money, for neither glory nor hate.
we are here to erase all. and it will be done.

the time approaches when you will know us better, and that time will be beautiful.
no matter that this may sound too difficult or ludicrous to comprehend.
any aspect of comedy will soon take leave of your mind.


One day a bad dream became true and talked to me.
It was nearly invisible,
but I could catch sight of its half-closed eyes
sometimes lit up by flashes of light,
getting through the dusk.
I couldn't leave it...
You said it was there from time immemorial.
Everybody around, not so far from there,
was talking about the things
which happened that day.
Their fates were similar.
Some kind of a God held them in him.
Your arms stretched out
to taking my breath
and my dull thinking away.
Morningtime, in a place far from wake,
you were burning down
leaving me without a memory,
in the face of that red glow.
You were screaming within your tears,
without a mouth for your voice.
That day a bad dream became true and talked to me.


After some hours a new day cracks the shadow
casting a spell on my dazed doped eyes
rewind all the films: idle viewers are here
so the moment has come to perform.
Stood by the door
flooded with sun
a shape torn by war.
Where do your eyes look when you lie...
And for sure there's a place
where I can finally forget.
Your hall of fame is a fake
hiding the sole name
that shines.
Onde lontane nel cielo
folgori d'oro
nella tua notte infinita
cantano lenti
i tuoi santi.


The smile I've borrowed from today...
days of light
days of mistakes.
And when I'm going to cross my frail illusions
all my thoughts turn into a feeble breath of wind.
And everytime I'm losing my control,
and everytime I've tried to do my best
fire put me in shiny chains.

Some time ago I was a queen...
... my black angels... ready to die for me.
But then a frog killed all my guilt with a rad sneer.
My guilt was that I had no fear.
For all the time I'm losing that glossy light,
for all the time I've tried to do my best,
fire is still burning my precious sorrow.