She Divine web-zine, 10/2002

I think that Siderartica made some demos some years ago, but it is not until now that you have decided to take out an album. Why?
It's effectively some years Mr.Savelli, Mr. Fossi and I keep up collaborating, even if we have been using different names. In 1997 we had another group, which we made a couple of demos with. For sure it was a good starting point, but we weren't that able to manage the whole thing, you know, just a bit of a lack of experience, let's say everything was born play-like, nothing that original, little by little the music became the main thing of our lives, until demanding ourselves in an almost complete way, now we thought it was the rightest moment to come out for us.

How was born the project "Siderartica"? Is it a form of making something different to the works that you do in Kirlian Camera?
Naturally, in every band, one notices different personalities, characters and needs from each others, as for KIRLIAN CAMERA goes I may consider myself as lucky, as there are so many afinities between us; as for as stylistical choices, musical tastes, the way we look at music are concerned, and I don't feel any need to "have any revenge" on anything or anybody, nor in this sphere I feel myself as limited; the point is that I am an enthusiast and nothing is enough for me, in the good natural way... following several directions to get ideas coming from, is for me the rightest solution, and in addition the risk concerning a possible contamination of a say top priority project is surely pretty avoided.

How it has been the process of creation of "Night Parade"?
Let's say the start of it all became a reality in Autumn 2000, when first sketches were born, we weren't with our band yet as the guys were engaged in various and different activities and I was teaching into schools of singing. There was a real will not to give up about what has always been linking ourselves; since them a non stop moving process started out, till becoming reality when "Night Parade" was released. We are living this album as a summary of personal episodes, emotions and feels; feelings about a sorrow coming from an injustice whose humanity is largely contaminated; telling about those who are able to understand in general but they can not accept all this; telling about the rage of those who are in risk to be destroyed, in order that just once the moan may change.

Although in many of the songs of the album there is an important "industrial" ingredient, many of the songs are made to reflect more human feelings. How do you think that it is possible to mix these elements?
The combination of human feelings and industrial ingredients is in my opinion able to give a chance to a brand new interpretation about humanity; I surely can't stand this world's logic; I don't give a dumb about choosing between the goodies and the baddies, the blacks and the whites, Catholics and Buddhists... I wish different combinations and possibilities may exist, I make music and it is no so great, but I try to give a shape to all the possible concepts, besides the ones somebody gave us, and to start I try to create synthetic chords able to contain a pure heart, do you know what it is all for about?

In some songs are present some styles a little far from the "dark" orthodoxy. We find this a very clever decision, but what would you tell to people that do not see it so?
Onto twenty nine years I have not been succeeding understanding the real meaning to be given to the word "dark". Our music is not the suitable to those who are used to mean "dark" as a fashionable thing and follow its rules blindy in every details. I guess "Night Parade" can't be appreciated by those whom are "playing the dark people", but it surely can be understood by the ones who have a certain dark itself within.

Not only in the aesthetics of the cover, but also in certain songs of the record, there is a certain sensation of coldness. Is it a sensation tried for beforehand?
The whole album is permeated by an unreal and metaphisical scenery, where chill is the ruler; it's covered with a soft mantle of snow, so to simply explain a dream about uncontamination, about real purifying, also shown throughout album growth.

You include a version of the song of Joy Division "Atmosfere". Personally we think that it is very difficult to make a version of a song of this band. What brought you to make it?, why this song and why this way?
In front of that song we feel like children near a gigantic Teddy-Bear, as far as we are concerned "Atmosfere" is something magic, unforgetable; we don't mind whether JOY DIVISION were meats or fishmongers, we don't know the reason why we chose this track instead of another, it has been stronger than ourselves.

You make reference that you have not used any computer to make this album. Do you have something against the use of computers to create music?
Oh no, mine is just envy for having anything else but a MC 505...

Although Siderartica has recorded this record, Kirlian Camera continues in active. I think that soon you will perform in London. How do you see the future of Siderartica as well as of Kirlian Camera and the other project that you have with Angelo Bergamini, called Stalingrad?
In my opinion the good thing regarding those three groups is just the fact each of them is driving alone an own way; KIRLIAN CAMERA among the three is the one in which stylistical resources are prederminated and it's more orientated to experimentation, I would say into this project are living both components: passion and reasoning; STALINGRAD instead tries to run a bit away from the cerebral side, but it's feed with free emotions; SIDERARTICA is yet a different daughter, a little bit more orientated to a possible eighties electronica audience. Naturally a certain link among the three is unavoidable in some way, but if we succeed in keeping their identities independent of each other, such identities should manage to live without invading one another.

Seen from here, it seems that lately you have had some very busy days. How do you feel, both as a musician and personally?
Since I joined to KIRLIAN CAMERA I've been getting more and more enthusiast with this project, till momentarily giving up with my job as a teacher of singing; so I found myself involved into the management of these entities more and more. As a musician I feel myself as a lucky one, because I achieved my dream of dedicating my whole time to this thing. I am surrounded by people like Angelo, whom I really and deeply respect, of course I have got a real chance to learn so much. Sure, keeping a tension of this thing, for so much hours every day, many days long is uneasy, at least for me. There are also several problems of different nature coming from outside, but I just can see this is for me the best starting point I made ever imagined.

Well, nothing else. We have left a lot of questions to make you, but you already know that time is limited. We would like very much to see you in our city a day of these, both with Siderartica, or with Angelo and, this way, asking you the questions that stay. Greetings from Barcelona and please, give many regards to Angelo.

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