Rosa Selvaggia, October 2008

Hi Elena, hello girls, welcome on the obscure pages of RS!
It's a pleasure for my band and me to be here with your company!

Elena, we are orphans of Siderartica, your project that saw the partecipation of Kirlian Camera's "fragments", but we were rewarded by your new catchy "all female" creature. is a chapter that is closing definitively in favour of one where we expect a long life and many surprise?
I'm not much foreseeable even for myself, so it's difficult to talk about what will happend around my project. When I began this first album of S*p I was sure to work on the third Siderartica's record, so in the first time I was unaware of what I would have done! The spring for this new structure has unavoidably gone off when catchy size zero models were created in my head and in my hands. Really, when I began the artwork for the album, I thought about a chic-noir setting, where flicking and signed clothes were covered of blood and mystery. At this point, Siderartica will become my new most glamour orientation, a too much tight dress (and not signed!), risking to limit my more rock expressive part... And, even if with the fear of who knows that can lose something, I decide to leave the old road and look for other...

Spectra Paris inspires to me a nice and original "retro-noire" sensation with electronic tones. Just say... an electro symphony mixed with 007 and some old atmospheres of movies like "The prize"... did I guess?!
Sure, titles like the one you mention or "The third man", mixed with futuristic tones! Around SPECTRA*paris there is a certain night-vintage vision, of what intrigue and sarcasm are the pivots. One of the most inspiration guy has been Alfred Hitchcokck and, equally, at the first places of my list there are the best seasons of 007. For me it's just like to enclose the evil in a golden cage, where electronic laminated catwalks are warmed up by acoustic instruments of more primitive matrix.

I saw you live at the Treffen, great show! And we noticed that the German audience really liked it. Do the movies you projected on your backs have some link with your concept? And more in detail: could we talk of concept album regarding "Dead Models Society"?
More than even in the first S*p album there is a concept: the ambivalnce between the evil and the good. It's intentional that my music here combines sense of beauty and glamour with pain, terror, aggressiveness. Everyone thinks to know where the good is and where the evil is. It seems easy and immediate rally to one part and condemn the other one. People label all the information as they were jam cans, leaving so any "crossing" possibility. Every truth is separated by the other and becomes a new lie, that then we tell each other daily, aligning with it, as source of social behaviour to follow. So my hitchcoking models seem to be divided in victims and executioners, but the evil crosses the good and every social rule is overturned. In the same way I conceived the video that we project at our backs during the gigs. There is the same logic of crossing among beauty, cynicism, irony, blood, erotism, atrocity and death. So, our show initially offers opulent catwalks, where catchy models are dressed with dream clothes and stars of all times exhibit with great style, until mortifying cruelty moments appear and the attention is moved to more devastating cynic. And this is what I like more to do. To mix the hope with the horror, to make live the monsters into an Armani's shop, to read "Vogue" continuing to see the terror that suddenly appears like a bad guest. The heart and the logic must learn to communicate with new interaction systems, not conditioned by cheap morals that are useless losses of time... Welcome into the spectra*l Paris!

The cold and martial experimentation of Kirlian Camera and the more airy melodies of Spectra: two facets of elena Alice Fossi of today, that probably complete them each other. A right interpretation?
Sure. I need that complementary things live in my house, of a dynamic balance for what the compensation of everything is necessary. Not just to be moodiness or lunatics, rather to canalize a moltitude of emotive sources in the right containers.

You are distribuited by a good label, Trisol. How is the cd sales going on? I'd bet that in Germany, for example, it attracts more than in Italy. And even the north-center Europe audience, considering your live exhibitions, seems the most closer and passionate of the world in which you move/we move: do you share this sensation?
Surely the feedbacks we received are favourable and satisfying, especially for the labels, that often are in delay in the moment of "economic responsability", with consequent boring legal intervention from our side that generates, clearly, a bit conflictual situations in spite of serenity. But for this and other, even if in "romance" key we will talk soon into another context, just in the working album! However, despite the fact that once again the German people were enthusiastic, I received a great and unexpected attention also and especially from Great Britain, France, Benelux, Greece, Scandinavia and U.S.A..

Elena, this space is all for you: if you want reveal some secret of the SP world, some sinister and spicy gossip about the next moves of the "Dead models society"..., we are impatient!
At the end of this year the "Dead models society" will release a vinyl single, where the undisputed protagonist will be a new vision of a track taken from Brian De Palma's "Phantom of the Paradise". The "Young ladies homicide club" this time will investigate on the label "Death Records". Here my band will be more involved in the studio sessions, to make our sound more electro-rock! The girls are already impatient and in a world like ours, where the scarecrows on the stages play a playback at maximum - evident - is a waste to put the ropes at their wrists, isn't it?!?

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