Rosa Selvaggia #IX, 05-06/1998

You are near to twenty years of activity. Which is the balance of this long musical adventure?
The global balance is a life of shit, passed near people that sucks, apart exceptions. Notwithstanding this affirmation, I can say that I've surely believed until bottom to what I felt to have to do for this group, that then it represents a much important part of my life. All these years have been exaggerately toiled, even if in the last times, a certain relative appreciation from a determined audience, has attenuated a sense of drifting that characterized the first decade of the group. the sacrifices are rapported to those ones of other bands, but in this case, they are "extended to infinite", because not many resist so long. The tiredness I feel doesn't regard passion of the inner need to continue to compose, but the stress for having continuely to do with negative and bleak personages. But I am happy to be able to find an expressive way that it makes me sincerly love our works, even if it's in continuos development. Maybe it's that others call "personal style", that then one could like or not. I illuse myself for having succeed, even if I don't want remember when I compose, prefering to be always critic for it. This is one of the few positive notes of my career, together with the pleasure to play live.

Why don't you release almost ever the lyrics of your songs? The few times you did they revealed very nice
Because I am ipercritic, having understood that many written texts by me in past are horrible, even if felt; so it happens that I almost shame about what I write, also because it expose me too much, sometimes, speaking often about inward topics, perhaps even a little hiddenly. The fact to have to write in metric then, doesn't help to make understand exactly what that, perhaps even, you could do if not conditioned by that fact and by foreign language, that however we need to use. Omitting to write lyrics I have like the sensation to be less comprehensible, that, sometimes, helped me. Instead recently, since I used a language sometimes greyer and daily, with less tinsels, I feel to be able to release them, even if not always. Also I want to say that I could never accept to be attacked from moron journalist for what I write... Patience for music, but for lyrics....... No, I should kill.

During the gig at "Fuori Orario" (5/1/98) you proposed new versions of some your classical pieces decisively entangled and very dragging ("I'm the light" was touching, while "Heldenplatz" we difficulty recognized: if already it was one of your best pieces, in that arrange it was still better). Why don't release a live with those versions or a remix record?
I often make remixes of our "old" things, ma often I throw them here and there, without give too much importance, even if for me they have it. In every case, the things we play live and that are arranged differently from relative original, they are just created for the concerts audience, to make them understand that we don't want propose always the same thing, as usually happens. It's like cure your audience, show it that you worked for it, without wanting gain money in every case, I mean releasing everything. Maybe the idea of a "live album" is not to discard... I'd like to make an official one, because the circulating bootlegs in CD and tapes are awesome... We'll see.

About the "live" activity, which Country were you better in? (either as technical organization that as audience answer)
I'd like to say in Italy, but I'd not be sincere. Germany and Belgium, for organization are the best place for us in this moment, even if not all works good there too. As audience, that German one traditionally considered "cold", it seemed that more communicate and enthusiast.

Which bands do you principally like in Italy and foreign?
Appreciate and being influenced from what you hear it's always a different thing. My influences could be, among various, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, Nico, German electronic music of '70s in general, Joy Division, Suicide, Gyorgi Ligeti and Gustav Mahler. But I like listen to several things... Morcheeba, Swans, Death In June and "related" bands, Underworld, Plastikman, Van Der Graaf Generator, Laibach, Sparks, Aphex Twin and many others. About Italian names, I liked very much Faust'o / Fausto Rossi's works, either old ones that recent ones. At the end of '70s a group like Chrisma made miracles, in my opinion, continuing very well then. About indipendent area, it's difficult to say names, because I know much people and if I forget some name they shoot me! Apart joking, I think there are good groups, indipendently by relative styles and genres that I can like or not. In the electronic, Limbo is growning and Pankow made a last album much "fresh" and original, even if I'm not sure that it was understood till down. Kebabtraume are working on new interesting material. It's difficul talking about people that generally you know well..... and however the list risks to exclude valid names and styles, even if several loathsomenesses.

The classic final question: which are your future projects either about record releases that concerts?
It's due to out now a compilation of songs, already released between 1981 and 1997, that will feature, apart original versions, 3 recent remixes too, a live and a couple of unreleased. Running time of this CD is about 150 minutes, being double, but it should put for sale about for the price of a single by Nova Tekk (Germany) and Metropolis (USA). One of those two unreleased gives too the title to a maxi-single that contains completely new material, apart the track already present on the compilation. April the 14th is the official date of release of the single, followed after two weeks by that one of compilation CD, but everything will be delayed in the following month, because it was impossible finish the recordings of the single within the forecasted dead-line. In November, it should be out the orchestral album already announced from a while; we finally found an orchestra and chorus and relative directors should be ready for the end of August. It's an expensive project and I have to be sure that the label were economically able to face the realization. After that record, maybe the group will be "freezed" for a while, at least discographically. It's a solution I'm thinking on, even if, the concerts should be able to continue, as possible. Alternatively, I'm forming a new group with the new singer, Barbara Boffelli, that she should work either in studio that live. These are still hypothesis. I love Kirlian Camera more than each other musical project I was involved in, and for this reason I'd like to make it repose for a while. Meanwhile we are continuing to do tours and concerts in Germany, Switzerland, Swedish, Belgium, France and some dates would seem requested in Italy too, finally.

  • Candyman

  • English translation: Adalberto Orrigo