Nova Files, 02/1998

Kirlian Camera - The Drug Against Obsession

KIRLIAN CAMERA is actually Angelo Bergamini, resident of Parma. This band exists since 1980, but the first album which made this name more known was released in 1993 and titled "Todesengel. The Fall Of Life". When you have in mind that the band is 20 year old, the question is what time is left to see that it's over? And their new album will consist of old songs rearranged specially for orchestra and choir, recorded with financial credits and support for room. Perhaps long time disguise was a reason for this decision. With "The Ice Curtain", KIRLIAN CAMERA take a look through their discography, which is full of great individual musical creation.

Twenty years on the stage sounds impressive. Do you ever thought to stop the project? When all is already done and no more reason to continue?
Music living inside of me, and that's my suffering. What is it like namely, I don't want to talk about much, because it's a general sense of creative process. I must restrict myself, but anyway, it's not easy to lose inspiration in this state. Sometimes I need to relax, but the monster inside me is out of my control. It's a secret of my long musical history, and you can trust me - this is not happiness at all. I know some people who are really obsessed with this 'fire', but for me it isn't worthy.

Can you give suggestions for the young bands, how to survive through such a long way?
If somebody want to burn his life this way, he must know: the most important thing is power of his own, and the will that ignores all these idiots who are all around. Well it's not easy because you must think about music first, and when you're young it's yet more difficult. However, music scene is full of these daddy's sons... Yeah, the best suggestion is, simply to forget how "unique" and "unforgettable" you can be when you play the same shit that was already played by thousands before. Especially when you feel the true inner power.

In eighties, your music was pretty danceable and poppy, and now. Then you moved to more obscure and complex structures. Was there any special reasons for these changes?
In eighties there was the same attitude with music, because with my first albums I haven't earn any money at all. I was interested in popmusic, and tried to keep it's elements in my work - if it will be done right, I hope to get some more commercial success. The sales were improved, but still not effective. In the end of 80's I decided don't limit myself and do what I really want to do. In these years, "Eclipse" and "Todesengel" were produced. And it was right decision, because our audience follow us till today.

Can you remember your first song?
Hm... OK, it was in Summer 1971 - I composed this for my band, but already in 1968 I start recording various sounds on the terrible recorder owned by my parents. I was a child, and the reason why I done this was loneliness and alienation. This music took me away and gave some air to breathe, it was repetitive, minimal and cold. I know that it sounds unbelievable regarding that time and my alter, but it's true.

KC is known for it's constant line-up changing. That's because of conception or you're difficult person to work with?
Someone can say that I'm difficult person, but excuse me, I can object nothing. I prefer don't need other people to work with, but it's much more interesting to make music with someone who has same reasons and convictions. Sometimes people's character seems to be not so obvious, and I give them chance to refine the attitude - if it isn't work out, I must leave them. If god like it, the current line-up is perfect.

Are there any strictly defined functions between band members? Can they spread an influence on you?
I think that the strong influence is neither necessary, nor direct. But Emilia helps me much during end mixing and also corrects my errors. Barbara has her own special meaning about singing and brings our music to the 'new horizons' without main theme changing. And Ivano is our computerman. Their influence isn't concret but they are always on my mind.

For the "Best Of"-compilation you must pick up best songs - can you describe criteria for your choice?
First, I would like to take 'real' songs, not instrumental tracks, because they're more expressive and listenable. Furthermore, they should show our complete history, despite some tracks were written in the very beginning and their lyrics is full of fake English phrases... who was cared about these errors? We were living in total poverty and hadn't chance for studying.

Do you ever think to re-make some old stuff in order to correct errors or so...?
I like to produce our old songs with new arrangement, but it is only question of our identity. Although I'm glad to present some alternative versions on double CD - three songs are re-mixed, and 'Erinnerung' sounds much better now. Many remixes are already old too - like 'Eclipse'. 'In The Endless Rain' was recorded live during soundchecks in Germany. You can hear all these songs on other albums, whenever 'Drifting' is completely new.

Do you have a special memories or feelings which are bound with songs?
'The Desert Inside' reflects my feelings at its best. When I wrote it, I lost myself in 'mental room', it was a three days state of trance without pause. I had a purpose - to make things clear, to avoid misunderstanding. Of course it was great work also, much of them is waiting me in the future, but this song is still deep in my heart.

About misunderstanding: before your live show in Utrecht there was a demonstration against your imaginary fascism. Have you heard about that demonstration?
Yes, I have heard that the demonstration was organized by antifascists. If this is true, I can only say that the participants of this action are fascists theirselves. I don't know why those people are loading our music with their convictions - anyone can see that it never be used for political attitudes. And most people in Holland was aware of this. The interviewer asked me, why I agreed to make interview for right-oriented magazine. Without saying that it was really fascist magazine, I state, that we answer to anyone who have interest. I choose the people to talk with only according to my sympathy - this is 'right to have secret' declared for every Bürger, or am I wrong? Anyway, my political convictions threaten stress for band, and Emilia's sympathy for extreme and radical left-wing too. But we would like to be musicians, and nothing more - let's better listen to music, OK?

  • Unknown Author

  • English translation: Dmitry Vasilyev