SPECTRA*paris Myspace, 05/2011

Frank Bentert from Bodystyler Magazine interviewing Elena Alice Fossi

01 You were recently on a tour trough various German clubs among other things as direct support band of Kirlian Camera. Personally, I was lucky enough to see you live twice this year and i was very surprised how little you remarks the effort of two concerts in one evening. Where do you get the power to represent both projects fully satisfying without loss of passion for one of the two?
ELENA How nice compliment, thank you! My dentist, who's a Kirlian Camera fan, nicknamed me Doctor Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, as so to say, when he's going to picture me in a supermarket, I'd rather look like a faceless leveret filling her shopping cart as quickly as possible, in order to take my heels fast! But, the stage is the place where I feel my real character coming out. That's the place where I don't feel any pain, any effort, any repression, no limit at all! That's where I let myself blow up and I feel really pleased if this goes to be caught!

02 The musical style of Spectra*Paris and Kirlian Camera is very different to each other. How hard is it for you to switch in your head between your projects?
ELENA It sounds right to call it "a jump". And such a jump must be done in order not to get lost in a mathematical equation. Due to such a reason, I feel no effort. I'm fully aware about both projects and I feel I can spontaneously belong to them, with no artificial attitude. I love to be eclectic, but get relaxed: you will never see me dancing carefree while I'm singing samba!

03 I've seen, that Alessia operates at stage for Spectra*Paris and Kirlian Camera too. Was that an exception or do you see yourself as a great family in which you support each other with no ifs and buts, like typically Italian families do?
ELENA Well, here's something being able to show there are still appreciable qualities, in Italy! It's obvious that we, Kirlian-people, have a scheme of things wich suceeds in going beyond any generic band's standard. Throughout time, we've been surrounding ourselves with many musicians whom, due to various reasons, took turns with others in performing with us. So, the "family" grew in a remarkable way! As far as live activity is concerned, many of them, although not them all, kept on working with the group and this fact has given the Kirlian Camera entity a chance not to bind anybody in particular, as well as not to get bound to anybody. A fine way to get a family and freedom at once! So, I think Alessia will keep on appearing as a KC member on stage, as she's a great person and a dear friend, beyond being musically gifted.

04 Are there times where you have no desire at all? If so, what are you doing instead?
ELENA Well, I feel a certain "lust for life", so I'm a wish-filled person. I don't know boredom, so I couldn't do anything but what I'm doing, as this road leads to an incredible world and I want to keep on looking for it with courage, strenght and enthusiasm. I know sadness and anguish very well so, due to such a reason, I won't give them any chance.

05 Your whole musical work shows that you have much creative potential in you. Persecute you a target which you want to achieve, or hold you intentionally open all doors to future experiments to risk?
ELENA Since I'm not a daydreaming child any longer, I must consciously say that composing music and then going to perform it it's by far the most important wish and aim in my life, and such a feeling definitely came out so clear in 2000, when I had a chance to start working with a person who makes music as if music were pure food for soul, and that man is Angelo Bergamini. However, I don't want to sound hypocrite, as my dream about sharing our music with as many listeners as possible is a strong wish, therefore the idea of gaining some big success could bring me real joy. But, there's a important limit which doesn't want to give up through the years, into myself: kind of shield toward everything looking shallow and grotesque. My repusion to "slutty ears" is even bigger than my dream to be acknowledged by any mass standard. Those whom have really something to say have no many chances to be heard, especially in a period that won't give any musical heritage to posterity. Today, everything goes to get swept away with force and quickness, so, those whom like myself need to be listened to with consciousness and without any hurry, must keep on being impassive despite themselves on let's say platform 4, while Rihanna's train speeds fast with arrogrance.

06 seems to be that at Spectra*Paris in addition to the musical component the lyrics play an very important role. Get you your inspiration even by literature role models while the accrual of the lyrics?
ELENA my own way to cooking up stories is just a consequence of certain film plots. I often "see" the music, rather than "hearing" it. My store of thougths and ideas is like a TV screen whereas characters, colours and settings are taking place. That's just the reason why I'm used to attaching great importance to lyrics, even though I couldn't be under the illusion that I'm succeeding in expressing all that I would like in 5 minute music per song. But I like to think that some of the atmospheres I create which quite often sound disquieting have a real chance to flow through some of the listeners whom are listening to them, like a soft electric shock.

07 Why just music and not writing or painting or other kind of art?
ELENA It's just something else taking a decision, on such situations: it's just istinct, that sharp thrill going through you in a very special moment, as if it were a dart. You can't plan that... it isn't like solving a problem in theory. It's purity itself.

08 What's the reason for that you girls remains among you at Spectra*Paris? Men also had a chance to participate?
ELENA I'm used to just discriminating who and what I consider idiot. And, really, some men are not to be included in such a category! However, I guess it's possible I'm adding a male musician to line-up, in the future. By means of SPECTRA*Paris I wanted to try out something new, as for my experience goes. Once I'm going to dress as "Miss Spectrette", well, that's just the moment I'm about to refresh my own play side, which doesn't like to get buried in a same old adults' trunk. Playing among girls is hugely funny, believe me...! I look at my girls, my friends, while they're moving, laughing, happily doing crazy things, and I'm aware they're fine musicians... They really are gorgeous girls, but they're able to make you forget you belong to this life's hell... while they're playing their own way to fun!

09 Are you with your girls outside the daily musical business also so closely that there is a chance to meet you together in the evening in a bar or at a party or something?
ELENA You see us having fine make-up on, when we look a little chic while we're doing some interview, when we like to look slutty on some photosessions whereas we like to joke just for a while... but you surely can find us drinking something in a wine bar, doing pilates while looking bad and sweaty, or even at some archeosophical convention which Marianna - who's graduated in archaeology is often dragging us to. An opposite way would be but senseless, I'm sure about that. Being a band is an important thing and couldn't work out fine by picking up the first silly android walking down the street!

10 Please, 3 Beauty tips from you for our female readers?

1) never waste so much time by looking yourself in the mirror. One risks to run into aliens and bad eye sockets!
2) start doing something you feel particularly skilled at, in those moments you feel so deeply ugly. Something "cultural", as for example writing, playing music, painting, debating about deep themes...in order that your ego has a chance to come out more "puffed up" and satisfied!
3) Beauty is an empty box. Learning to shift attention from beauty to sensuality it means getting some true benefits.

13 Please tell us how do you spend a very typical day if you're not on tour or otherwise working somehow musically. I'm sure you will also hanging on the couch in a casual house-outfit, from time to time, right?
ELENA I'm not used to taking my claws off from my computer just to turn my attention to whatever else. But sometimes are coming those strange days in which my girls realize it's time to pull headphones out of my head... (and it looks like they switched my life-support system off!) just to go shopping in, say, Milano or Bologna. I must say we take a lot of fun together, as going in shops is for us like going to playground: trying to refrain from such kind of lust is impossible! We always put absurd clothes on and we often draw the attention of the other customers who look at us with sometimes amused and sometimes actually bothered expression! Sometime we're going a bit too far and some of us starts filming the gag... so well, it may look a little embarrassing, top-secret report for sure!!!

14 Do you get fixed rituals in your life, which they accompany you through the day?
ELENA well, you mean something like I couldn't take any sleep if don't play Spider one game at least while I'm filling myself up with chips!?!

15 Please tell us one cliche of the Germans, that you know and already experienced in contact with the people here.
ELENA talking about new trends... lately, an impressive number of men are wearing eyeglasses...

16 And a typical Italian cliche, that maybe even you meet?
ELENA talking about new trends... lately, an impressive number of men are wearing cool-girl-like t-shirts and jackets...

17 The question of what comes in the future is a very popular in interviews. But I would rather know, what's coming not? Are there things you'd never make in music?
ELENA Hopefully, I will never say "what a drag this song is!"while composing something to be released, as boredom isn't to welcome in my own world. Too often "musicians" are writing music because they don't like to have any responsibility in their golden monkey life. And it comes out clear...

  • Frank Bentert