MySpace exclusive interview - 26, July 2010

Exclusive MySpace interview to Kirlian Camera's Angelo Bergamini

Hello guys, welcome back from the Leipzig festival! How do you feel, after such a big boom?!? According many, your show has been the highlight of the meeting... and the audience went delirium-like for you!!!
ANGELO – unforgettable soiree, indeed! We were absolutely enthusiast and filled with energy... probably the best experience I ever had on stage...

Elena has been impressing even more than ever... how can she manages to sing and jumping everywhere on thigh-highs?!? 8 hour fitness a day!?!?
ANGELO – no fitness at all, as far as we know... she's always sitting in front of her pc, working all day on music, lyrics and graphics!!! Don't ask me where she finds such an energy, as that's a mystery to ourselves!!!

In my opinion Elena is today the best frontliner I've seen in ages, as she's even more forceful on stage than mythical and well paid rockstars such as Iggy Pop, David Bowie, etc... She's gorgeous and sexy, but her talent goes over her beauty by far! I mean she's a great musician and a great performer... don't you think she deserves some real "stardom status", by now?! This indie scene looks way too small for such a zippy personality, do you agree?
ANGELO – yes, I agree... but, on the other hand, Elena is really thankful to her audience. She's completely immersed into music, once on stage. Kind of untiring gladiator. Nothing else seems to exist: just her and "her audience". She's unique and... yes, she deserves a complete recognition, but... who knows? Maybe that moment is just close to come!!! She is strong-willed and tenacious...

On the other hand, many like to call her "Tiger", as far as I know, so there must be a reason on that! What's her favorite music production software?
ANGELO – she's currently using Nuendo, as a basic production software...

By the way, a second collection is coming out after a few months from "Odyssey Europa"... would you like to explain the meaning of such a decision? Strange enough, it sounds completely different from above mentioned collection and Trisol is gonna be the label behind that, even if that's for the first 3000 special edition copies only.
ANGELO – A second collection was already planned time ago and it had to be released a few months after "Odyssey Europa", so, everything is running on as we like. Why Trisol?!? We always stated there's no real stress between us, Trisol, Out Of Line, Universal and whoever... Our collaboration with them keeps on running good. Unavoidably, sometimes some bad mood goes to jump out from such kind of working relationships, but it's fine when both parts make an effort to solve crises in the best way.

Main theme goes to be linked to certain "space saga", right? Is this chapter to be intended being kinda sequel to "Odyssey Europa"?
ANGELO – yes, it's strictly connected to the "best-of" out now, of course. All in all, global atmosphere sounds a bit more ‘inmost'. "NOTW" is just the final part to "Odyssey Europa".

Although discs 1+2 both sound quite listenable, the 3rd disc of this new album's special edition sounds very gloomy...even a bit paranoid, do you agree?
ANGELO – Kirlian Camera is not obsessed by any one-way climate.

That's right, I realize what you mean, but well, as a very first approach, a new listener might suppose some psycho is working on the project! Romance is gonna be mixed up to depressive, doomy, mournful moods... I guess it isn't that ordinary, as many bands are following a very trite plot, once writing dark atmos... If the "Twilight" saga were directed by Charles Manson you'd be the rightest choice as for the music score... don't you agree?
ANGELO – well, we have no problems in working for the "Desperate Housewives" serie as well!!!

I'm told the whole KC team is kinda fan of TV series,ok... What's the best jumping out from such a field? Gonna tell me you love Dexter man?
ANGELO – "Dexter", well, yes, I must admit we love that project so much. There are many good series, anyway, while nothing so good comes out from the movies ... "Damages", "Twin Peaks", "Lost", "The 4400", "Dirty Sexy Money", "The Kingdom" by Lars Von Trier... but I even like "Ugly Betty", "Californication" and, above all... just "Desperate Housewives"!!!

Your world looks actually prismatic, I know... but you're well known due to your most dramatic and epical songs, such as "Odyssey Europa", a song I love so much... being able to bring tears in my eyes! You're mixing strange sense of humour to real dramas..
ANGELO – well, I'm glad you caught our humour, as that's not that for free! Many, in fact, are totally ignoring it. Obviously, our whole production couldn't be crossed by such a humour. "Odyssey Europa" is a "pure" song... I mean it's pure sorrow and extreme force at the same time...

Who wrote it?
ANGELO – music has been composed by Elena and myself. I did take care of writing the lyrics...

"Non di questo mondo", kind of intro to the opera, sounds freezing, dramatic and hallucinating more than the "Solaris" period. Elena, perfect and inspired as always, seems to cast a curse over the whole world. An Italian friend translated such lyrics and I honestly must say I didn't read anything so clearly aggressive and enraged ever coming from KC! Who wrote the text? Who did the music?
ANGELO – I wrote the lyrics, while the music has been composed by both Elena and myself.

In particular, you seem to curse hard part of the music businness world... Have I well interpreted the meaning?
ANGELO – more or less...

Why such an hostility? Kind of "The Wall" period?
ANGELO – not at all, and then this is not "a period". This is the moment of Truth. I'm NOT hostile against anybody, at the very source. I simply would like some people to go listen or produce other bands, not KC. And I would like to keep part of them close to us forever, instead. It's different. I'm not a member of those bands which always repeat the boring sentence "We love you all, you're fantastic!". No, we love "part" of the people surrounding us. And we feel REAL respect for "that" part. A group made of many-coloured extraordinary people.

Angelo, your relation with some music press is getting tense more and more...
ANGELO – this is only the beginning. I repeat: I don't accept any judgement/opinion from anybody. Then I'm literally bored with marks... we aren't pupils any longer. Hence, I don't recognize any "professor". Schooltime is over, definitely. And, in the end, before coming out with marks... one should be in position of doing that, at least. No, really, that's not an acceptable habit.... I want to clearly state that no magazine or web-site has any right to rate our music. Do not accept "marks" any more. Those whom keep on doing that are just presumptuous and arrogant persons. Then, is there anybody able to explain me who gave those "reviewers" the right of valueing any music or event?!? Are those people coming out from any school of journalism or music?!?!? I suggest our fans and listeners not to give any space to such ludicrous subnormals...I'm aware I'm living on a "planet of apes", but I couldn't keep silence on any longer.

But, so often you've got fantastic reviews and your work is hugely appreciated!
ANGELO - that's not the point I'm talking about...

Not that sly guy you are, indeed!
ANGELO – it's notorious...

What's the meaning of "Not of this World"? Any connection with same name religious organisation?
ANGELO – we like to dedicate this title/concept to all of those people whom are able to understand what it means. Explaining more it's useless, by now. Too late. Anyway... no, there's no connection to any religious organisation, not at all!!!

Dramatic title, indeed...
ANGELO – simple and honest, I guess.

I'd add the word "strong", as in its own simplicity it goes to create a ravine between you and the rest of the world, exactly.
ANGELO – between us and "part" of the rest of the world...

What are your favorite KC songs?
ANGELO – Odyssey Europa, K-Pax, Beauty as a Sin, The Unreachable One, Anti-Light, EDO, Eclipse Anniversary, the new version to Your Face In The Sun, Winged Child Sitting..., Koma Menschen and many others.

I see you didn't mention any old classic on its original version, at least. What are your favorite albums? Any suggestions to recent fans?
ANGELO – All in all, I'd suggest the two recent collections "Odyssey Europa" and "Not of this World". Anyway... All of the works released throughout the current decade are ok, as "Still Air", "Invisible Front. 2005", "Coroner's Sun" and "Shadow Mission Held V" are my favourite titles ever. I'm not that proud of the other ones, "Todesengel" and "Eclipse" apart.

Well, coming back to today's Kirlian Camera impressive adventure, I'd like to know what's the effective line-up, Elena and you aside...
ANGELO – nobody else but Elena and I.

It looks no one is really able to satisfy your needs but your – by now legendary – duo itself... Anyway, former member Simon Balstrazzi recently appeared on stage with KC in Russia and Italy, if I'm not being wrong. Just a open collaboration on stage?
ANGELO – we have a very good relationship with Simon. Some further extempore collaborations with him are not ruled out.

By the way, I have had a chance to listen to three demo-tracks from your planned new studio album and must say I'm genuinely impressed! Sounds as a combination of force, drama, Stalingrad-like epic but even more well-structured. It's electronic sound, but guitars are coming back and once I'm going to take a look to global album outline I guess... we might expect the best ever. May you reveal some details about the brand new single and the album? What about release dates?
ANGELO – I prefer not to say so much in advance, this time. Anyway, yes... I think the new album is just the more "powerful" work we ever composed, as for big energy goes. It sounds more "straight to heart" than ever, not including any useless "fillers". Working on it it's just fantastic! Long-titled brand new single should come out by September, while the album is seemingly available on late autumn/wintertime.

C'mon Angelo, tell me the title of the new single, at least...!!! Anything to do with that amazing song you opened the WGT with?
ANGELO – ok, the title of the new single is "WINGED CHILD SITTING ON A BENCH WATCHING OBSCURE CLOUDS GETTING CLOSER WHILE PEOPLE LOOK FOR SHELTER". Yes, we performed a version of it at the Wave Gothic Festival in Leipzig.

...great title! A little crazy but I do love that! What does the song tell about?
ANGELO – No, sorry, just lyrics can explain. Time to explain everything is over. Be patient...

What's the label behind such new works?
ANGELO – Out Of Line and Universal.

Do you already know the title of the album?
ANGELO – temporary title is "MORN X HAS COME", but it might be even changed last-minute, we'll see...

Sounds as the title of a dramatic movie...
ANGELO – why not? Or even a cult-book...

Are you used to reading books?
ANGELO – to be honest, I started again reading something quite recently after 10-year break. Throughout these years I've been reading several magazines and various informations on the Web.

What kind of magazines? Just music related stuffs...?
ANGELO – No, reading music mags it's not in my habits. I usually prefer reading about culture, fashion and informations in general.

Angelo, sorry for the indiscretion, but... I'm told you're about to leaving the band. What's about such a rumour?
ANGELO – no, I'm not giving up at all! Probably, in the future, I won't perform on stage, but surely I will keep on writing music and lyrics for KC. We'll see...

A bit shocking... what lies behind such a possibility?
ANGELO – let's say I don't feel any respect for promoters, managers, musicians, journalists and music businness sub-fauna in general. I'm not that sure I can keep on living close to such morons without killing some of them... So, I guess I'd better stopping with performances, in order not to make an unforgettable carnage. Anyway... We'll see, I repeat.

But... what about your fans? How do you guess they'll react?
ANGELO - I don't know. Kirlian Camera is Kirlian Camera and if Kirlian Camera are on stage playing good music that's enough. The ones whom are unable to understand this simple concept belong to another world, not to mine any longer. Only music is important. Stop with bullshits linked to nostalgia and "image"!

Well, don't go to kill me please... but, what about your private life? There's a point making some people curious, it regards your relationship with Elena: just friendship or complete relation?
ANGELO – we have a wonderful friendship. Incredible and "not of this world"... any further words are meaningless.

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