Interview mit Elena Alice Fossi (Spectra*Paris/Kirlian Camera) - 2 May 2010

Hello Elena Alice, Congratulations to the success of SPECTRA*paris. Are you surprised about this success?
ELENA ALICE – Success doesn’t come as any real surprise, if you really, strongly, want it and need it. And I really, strongly, definitely, want and need it. This is only the beginning...

SPECTRA*paris is a "woman-only-member"-band. Do you think it's easier or harder to work only with the girls as with boys?
ELENA ALICE – Easier and harder in the same time. Easier because I guess that in the "common imagery" a girl-band is someway more attractive, as far as both the male and female audience are concerned, especially today. Well, often you happen immediately having more impact and promotion. But, on the other side, the same old trite concept that girl-bands are just a bunch of more or less beautiful chicks having no ability at all is still alive and kicking. SPECTRA*paris, instead, has been taken at once in the better way. Our audience can understand the right balance between glamourous image and powerful music and we are actually satisfied for this, as... to be told without hurting anyone’s sensibility... we are musicians.

You're known as female voice of Kirlian Camera. What makes the difference at work between both bands?
ELENA – The two working situations are pretty different to each other, because Kirlian Camera is a pure but yet "wild" electronic-oriented band. So, the voice moves at times like a furious wind, and at times sounds more tender and expressive. In SPECTRA*paris, the voice is pleasantly conditioned by the guitar presence, so it often drives to a clearer rock intention, particularly on our live-performances. I think The element in common is that I always want to feel an electric shock for every song I sing, so lyrics are very important for me. Each single word.

What is the difference between the fans of Kirlian Camera and SPECTRA*paris?
ELENA – Up till now, Kirlian fans were part of a particular 'identity', darker than SPECTRA’s ones. But, throughout the recent period, we notice that something is decisely changing. The audience of both bands is more open-minded, now, and the age of the fans, considerably younger.

Actually you're working on a new CD of SPECTRA*paris. Can you tell us something about this new album?
ELENA – The albun is pratically ready. "License to Kill" is the title and it is a combination of 007-like stories. "My" James Bond is now investigating on a dirty story in which the famous label "Death Records" – you maybe remember the "Phantom of the Opera" film - is involved too. A plot including tears and excitation, sometimes musically translated in rock and sometimes in electronic sounding sub-chapters.

Kirlian Camera is on tour now, and there are concerts of SPECTRA*paris now. How do you take the time for this new album?
ELENA – I don’t want to became like those whom take their laptop everywhere, composing music everywhere, in their’s spare time, as they were secretaries. I need my bunker-home, with my instruments, my familiar chaos, my empty fridge... It’s still possible to save some time, to dedicate it to ourselves, it’s a must!

What are the future plans for SPECTRA*paris?
ELENA – I frankly must admit this is a strange period for SPECTRA*paris. In this moment we must to choose between several possibilities. It’s exciting and hard in the same time and I hope not to do foolish things! Seemingly, next spring we begin an international tour and... I cross my fingers for the album results!

If you had the chance to make a duet with a special person, who do you will choose and why?
ELENA – Even though I don’t know the whole David Bowie’s career, I feel a particular attraction for his way to singing, above all for his expression and sensibility. So, it would be a great emotion for me, if such a possibility ever came true.

Here is the space for your last words to our readers.
ELENA – Too often the "artists" are filled with arrogance and give the audience old boring concepts. Too often they are just empty screens not having anything to be shared with anybody. You have the responsibility of perceiving the truth... and stop that kinda never-ending stupidity created by too many well-known producers and promoters.

  • Kai Grothaus

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