KIRLIAN CAMERA IRC log chat - 16.11.2004

Kirlian_Camera Hi You!!!
pyros well i guess it's time for questions...
Kirlian_Camera you are welcome!
nauthiz hi elena. thanx for your great new siderartica album. its just wonderful
Darkpath are you familar with that kind of (fan) chat?
Kirlian_Camera Fine you've appreciated it! THANK YOU!
Kirlian_Camera No we aren't familiar with chats AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!
Kirlian_Camera It's just the very 1st time!
sandria_girrith> but its a nice way to talk to fans.....
Kirlian_Camera Yes, quite funny and hallucinated, ah, ah, ah!!!
sandria_girrith oh yes
tispe Just tell something about your recent work with Kirlian Camera. What comes next?
Kirlian_Camera Next it comes an album of nu material, remixes and versions made with some guests as well
sandria_girrith do you like your fans? Or are they terrible, boring, crazy....
Kirlian_Camera no I like fans! no boring thing! They are really close to us and stood that way in the worst moments
sandria_girrith for example?
sandria_girrith like fans have to do, i think
Kirlian_Camera maybe... but other bands' fans are sometimes less "bravehearted"!!
sandria_girrith what do you mean?
Darkpath and most of all: of which bands? :)
Kirlian_Camera KC is anot a comfortable band, you know... at lesat people say!
tispe You'll play Nurnberg this weekend. Will it be an "Invisble Front" concert?
Kirlian_Camera Yes it'll do! But we also play some old tunes!
Kirlian_Camera Yes, I'll be on stage with real enthusiasm
nauthiz your concerts are amazing-when the technic works *g*
Ohlin oh, i remember berlin...
sandria_girrith Can you say sonething about the several guests? on your new album?
Kirlian_Camera Dont meantion engineers! Really a problem, sometimes! but it was quite a very good time in berlin
Kirlian_Camera Guests on our new album will be Wumpscut, Punto Omega, JArboe and others...
sandria_girrith oh, that sounds
Kirlian_Camera Berlin was well organised but engineer was a bit strange. I guess I'm not his favorite man!!!
Lichttaufe berlin: i say no to drugs (engineer)
nauthiz yeah, but in the end he made it
Kirlian_Camera Grazie Ohlin!
Ohlin @ kirlian: but prague was fantastic...:)
tispe Will the new album sound in the way of "Invisible Front"?
Kirlian_Camera Oh yes, everything turned out fine, in Berlin: what a great force audience had!!!
sandria_girrith german audience likes you very much, i think
Kirlian_Camera Sometimes audience moans our gigs are too short, but we are always happy to make encores and encores!
sandria_girrith what about your artwork i liked it very much on invisible front, will it be the same way of artwork?
Kirlian_Camera New artwork... uhm... more or less connected to Inv.Front, but not exactly the same, although the new album is kinda "part 2"...
Darkpath is there any difference between germany and other countries in the way how people (not fans) see KC? oh, ok sounds interesting
Kirlian_Camera Yes, there's difference about great welcome German fans give us, especially today! whats the difference?
Kirlian_Camera difference is not that big, but Germans like to give us more warmth and strenght. More closeness. They have beautiful faces...
Ohlin @Kirlian: what may be expected in jena?
Kirlian_Camera Jena... I guess we'll divide the gig in two parts, then... a friend of us will aid us: Enrico Eisert from Axon Neuron / VAGWA
sandria_girrith do you think so? beautiful faces....interesting or waht do you mean?
Ohlin @kirlian: sounds really interesting :)
Kirlian_Camera I mean they look pure and not that conceited (exceptions aside)
sandria_girrith really interesting and do you like germany? the country?
Lichttaufe What expects the visitors to Silvester? Will Kirlian Camera play also acoustic songs?
Kirlian_Camera Dont know whether we'll be playing any acoustic song at Sylvester, but I guess we'll do, as Ely likes it, and I wouldn't have problems in "the family" ah, ah, ah!!!
Kirlian_Camera I (we) really like Germany as it's somewhat our second motherland... Eastern Germany's too
sandria_girrith is there a difference between western and eastern germany?
Darkpath is it true that KC is also seen more controversial in germany (compared to other countries), some people tend to react weird when they read your name
Kirlian_Camera I'm not sure, but it looks that sometimes Easter Germany reacts more "HOT", but even west side is great
Kirlian_Camera we were so controversial in Germany, yes, but it looks people is recognizing that somebody made nothing but mistakes, in the pst. We weren't liinked to any political group...
tispe What about Stalingrad. Is there a difference in the live line-up and clothing?
Kirlian_Camera Stalingrad looks different from KC... You'll see!!!
Lichttaufe Kirlian Camera, are you happy with your new label Trisol Records? Why are you changed?
Kirlian_Camera Trisol... yes, we are glad about that, ALex Storm is a fine guy. Our return to Germany has been beautiful. We'll see if Trisol will give us more FOOD!!!
sandria_girrith its really a problem in germany i think because of its history, until now
sandria_girrith sometimes i really what to know why....
Ohlin itsd made a problem by some people who don't open their mind for a second thought...
sandria_girrith yes, thats rigth but there are so many....idiots
Kirlian_Camera Yes Germany had strange history, Sandria... but had an uncommon heart. Romanticism is Your language: couldn't I appreciate it?!?
Darkpath some people think romanticism is our problem
sandria_girrith romanticism...yes and black romanticism espacially......
Kirlian_Camera Romanticis under will is not a nonsense. We have to look in such a direction! Heart and will. Sense of responsibility:this is the main thing!
Kirlian_Camera unpolitically black... yes... black is a beautiful colour for "holy people"!
Lichttaufe Angelo, will it give again folksongs like Fields of Sunset?
Kirlian_Camera You like FOS, Lichttaufe... Yes, Elena did a traditional just yesterday "Border of salt" I guess you'll like it...
Lichttaufe Oh, I like good folkmusic and Fields of Sunset is a wonderful, pure and powerful song. But it's not the typical KC sound.
sandria_girrith Haert an will, what is the most powerfull of both?
Ohlin @ kirlian: when will we hear it?
nauthiz @ kc: so, do you like it up on stage or is is just a necessary thing?
Darkpath it's not a KC question i guess.. but how do you see germany today from an outside point of view (we tend to see a lot of problems here)
Kirlian_Camera Germany today... is a quite tolerant place. So "it seems". MAny people has been polite, with us and strangers, but some bastards... well they made the difference... I guess we have to forgive them!
sandria_girrith thats rigth.idiots..somehow..
Lichttaufe On I read you worked at the beginning of the 80s as a Electropop-DJ (Hypnosis) in some Discos of Italy, is that true?
Kirlian_Camera No, I didnt deejay... just som eappearances "live" in som etechno-disco horrors and tvs, with Hipnosis!
Volonte @ kirlian: was the pulstar single the only release by hypnosis?
Kirlian_Camera No we release many other singles and an album with Hipnosis. The selection is out as "The best of Hypnosis"... But It is not so fantastic!!!
Darkpath i mean on a higher level, how to explain... the background of my question is: when you look around, it seems all over the world the numnuts win (e.g. "Dubya"), i think it's the same over here
Kirlian_Camera Numnut... I dont understand that...
Volonte @kirlian: waht about the forthcoming ep?
Kirlian_Camera The fortcoming album will be out around early 2005. I guess it is very linked to the current album...
Lichttaufe Angelo: Is it correct that Kirlian Camera were called Suicide Commando before?
Kirlian_Camera Yes, our name was SUICIDE COMMANDO, years ago...
sandria_girrith really? Funny
Volonte @kirlian: really? you know there is a belgian electro band which is called suicide commando?
Darkpath numnut... well... means kind of dumb people, not excactly, but for sure someone you don't want to see as your leader
Kirlian_Camera OK Darkpath, I understand... Anyway, hope Germany and Italy will forget that sense-of-guilt. We werent born, in 1939!!
Lichttaufe Very good statement, Angelo!
Lichttaufe Agenlo: But it did not stand in connection with the other Band Suicide Commando?
Kirlian_Camera Yes, I know theres a Belgian combo called Suicide Commando. No problem, they're ok!
Darkpath thats true
Kirlian_Camera We should look at the future! JOY! WE WANT JOY!!!
sandria_girrith i hope so also
Kirlian_Camera Who is Joy!!!??? DONT ASK ME THAT!!!
Volonte @kirlian: what kind of music do you like private?
Kirlian_Camera Volonte... we like Pink Floyd, Goldfrapp, Muse, Ultravox, Nico, Klaus Schulze, Amon Duul 2...
sandria_girrith With X_Pax the remixed song i liked most on inviseble front...
Kirlian_Camera PANT-PANT!!!
Lichttaufe Angelo: You had sometimes problems in the past with canceled concerts here in Germany. What do you think about this Ignorance?
Kirlian_Camera People cancelled concerts and it was stupid... Too much fear. But I understand that. Some people linked with music businness wanted to sabotate us in every possible way, with the help of strange guys... Very strange guys...
Ohlin @Kirlian: will there be appearances of KC on further tribute samplers in the future?
sandria_girrith do you also know TOOL?
Volonte @kirlian: also some darkwave styled things?
Darkpath okay, last "political" question from me, don't wanna make your day... looking into the future, do you think Europe in the way it works now and in the future is the way into a "joyful" future or rather not
Kirlian_Camera Europa... uhm... No, I cannot say anything. Only... sometimes it is too "close" and sometimes "too open"... Be said calmly...
Kirlian_Camera No more tributes... at the moment!
Lichttaufe Angelo: How did it come to co-operation with Wumpscut?
Kirlian_Camera I met Wumpscut at a KC concert. Leofels 1994... strange years. I like Rudy...
@KC are you planning again projects with DIVE
Kirlian_Camera No project with Dive. But his latest album is GREAT!!!
Hamster4841 @K.C.: And today? There seem to be no problems at gigs. Do you think that the strange guys learned their lesson?
Kirlian_Camera Sometimes... those years have been bitter. Today KC is really alive...
Garm Which younger/newer bands did catch your eye this year?
Kirlian_Camera "Strange guys" learned that lesson. TODAY WE ARE REALLY HERE!
Lichttaufe Angelo: Yesterday John Balance died. Have you ever met him in the past? What do you say to its death?
Kirlian_Camera John Balance... didnt know it...
Lichttaufe Agelo: John Balance was the leader of Coil
Kirlian_Camera New bands... I dont like medieval, but... CHIRLEISON (Fossil Dungeon) are good!
Garm Darkpath: wasn't me.. didn't assassinate his connection...
Kirlian_Camera You are really many! AH, GERMANY!!! WOW!!!
Volonte @kirlian: what do barbara boffelli today?
Volonte i hope i wrote her name right!
Kirlian_Camera Barbara wrote me yesterday... I guess she will do some jazz thing!
Volonte @really? Great!
Kirlian_Camera WOW! I AGREE! GREAT!
Garm I wonder how a purely acoustic album by KC would sound... or with an orchestra...
Volonte @Kirlian: And what does Simon Buja and the other one? Sorry, i frogother name!
Kirlian_Camera Barbara is a good girl, but a bit... "jazzy"!
Hamster4841 Jazz? Interesting. Emilia is doing jazz, too, isn't she?
Hamster3758 @volonte, you mean Bianca Hoffmann or Emilia?
Kirlian_Camera Yes, Balance was great! I bought Coil's Horse Rotorvator, time ago!
Volonte Emilia!
Kirlian_Camera Yes, Emilia is doing jazzy things too! Jazz is strange...
Hamster3758 ui, really, Emilia is doing jazz???? brrrrrrr
Volonte @kirlian: I never heard the name Biance Hoffman? When she was in the group?
Kirlian_Camera Did you purchase any castle in Minnesota!!!???
Hamster4841 When will the oak leaves pins be re-released?
Kirlian_Camera Bianca was with us in the "Eclipse" period: 1988. Yes, I'm not a teenager, you know...
Ohlin will they be re released?
soldieroflight @Elena: why you have such a voice - classical education or autodidactical learning! I love it, my heart smelt during I listen such songs like K-PAX...
Kirlian_Camera The pins had to arrive one month ago, but... NOTHING! Enrico Eisert of will take care of it!
Kirlian_Camera I'm autodidactic at the beginning, but then I went to school and teached singing for some years (ELENA)
Kirlian_Camera But now Ely has some lasagne to destroy!
soldieroflight @Elena: your so perfect, nothing (no technical problems etc.) can stop is it better than CD
Lichttaufe KIRLIAN CAMERA live on stage on Silvester, visit:
Kirlian_Camera Ciao to you ALLES!!! WE' be in the future!
Kirlian_Camera Ciao ! ANGELO & ELENA!!!
Kirlian_Camera has quit IRC (Quit: Today is a good day to chat.)

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