Gothic #27, 1998

Cult status with secret character

Italian band with both creative minds Angelo Bergamini (born 1958, keyboardist, singer and producer) and Emilia Lo Jacono (born 1967, singer, guitarist and producer) is still going strong. But they got their cult status here in Germany, where they sell more than 30 releases under the name "Kirlian Camera" since 1980. With the constant dark melancholic and mental illness image, neo-folk and dark synthie-wave music, they create their own dreamlike world, which is described as product of man soul-decadence. So I don't wonder if they are rather uncommunicative and want to leave the audience with this strange feelings of discourse. They released as reading a balance of delusions: "Passing Masks" (82), "Edges" (84), "Blue Room" (85), "Eclipse - Das Schwarze Denkmal" (88&94), "Schmerz" (92), "Todesengel" (93), "Present: O.E.M.-Zentralfriedhof" (95)...
I don't wonder also that psychohead and leader Angelo Bergamini has long history of techno/ disco projects participation under name "Hipnosis" and changed his framework accordingly.

  • Martin Sprissler

  • English translation: Dmitry Vasilyev