Godt web-zine, 01/1998

Kirlian Camera comes from Italy's Parma and are active since 80's, with several changes in the lineup. Today's members are Ivano Bizzi, Barbara Boffelli and Angelo Bergamini. They released many records in last years, which can be considered as dark wave albums.

Godt: We had to listen your last minialbum right today and wondered with changes of your style. What the (musical) background for this act?
Angelo: It can be described as the combination of cold rhythms and sometime audible melodic lines. My roots are in 70's electronic music, I'm very old, I turned 40! (laughs) I began from analogue synthesis and new-wave esthetics, and progressed in my inner way through some dark periods. No, not my own way... I try to merge this style from other KC-members too. However electronic music is spreading to many directions in the modern music scene, it isn't good enough, and my aim is to develop my own personal style. Each KC-product shows some little changes, because the band itself is changing from time to time. I am the only one "survivor" of the first lineup.

Godt: Where is Emilia? (she was vocalist of the band in these last years)
Angelo: Emilia became medical, at cardiology center. She must follow her own way, but perhaps we'll work together in the future. She wasn't disappeared.

Godt: How would you describe the main theme in "The desert inside"? What you want to express with this song?
Angelo: Yes, the title explains all. There is a link between my life and the rhythmic structure of this song. My life is cold, and the rhythm is very cold and icy too. The music is all about the concept of purity and loneliness. And this desert is the desert of ice - I tried to expose my inner desert. That is it.

Godt: And your residence in mental clinic? Was it source of inspiration too?
Angelo: Of course. Unfortunately, I came through various clinics again in these years. In the 80s, my mental health was going to be improved, but nowadays I'm feel myself really bad. But I try to keep the balance, with the help of my psychiatrist.

Godt: What can you say about new KC-musicians, Barbara and Ivano?
Angelo: I think that Barbara is very good singer, I met her in Italy last year. I like her vocals very much. Ivano is working with us since 1990, therefore he isn't the newcomer.

Godt: Some songs has german lyrics, which seems to be very useful for us the german listeners. But "The desert inside" exists only in english version. Why?
Angelo: The language is important to me when I concentrate myself on composing. Recently, the English is more appropriate, but the other reason is to make lyrics understandable for our foreign listeners, as you said. I must admit that my German is not so perfect, and my English too... so I'll work on it.

Godt: Well if you meant fans, can you point the differency between your italian, french and german fans?
Angelo: Yes the audience is very different in these countries. We feel ourselves like german band and like german fans more than other else. People consider us like german band too, and this is very important moment - I always thought about Germany as if it's my birthplace. But I still can't speak German freely, sorry.

Godt: What will come from KC in the future?
Angelo: My plans are about an orchestral album, I want to compose pieces for symphonic orchestra with the help of some friends. Actually this is a sampler of old, unreleased songs and singles from the 80's, which sounds completely different, but strange too. A new album dedicated to our past, but who knows, can it be dedicated to our future too...

  • Unknown Author

  • Taken from: http://www.magdeburg.magazin.de/godt

  • English translation: Dmitry Vasilyev