Etats Limites, 07/1997

After being drowned in exhalations of pseudo-experimental minimalist electro, Kirlian Camera comes back in force to defend their own style... Through this electro-dark facade, is hidden all the emotion and clearness of the band's works, especially the one of Angelo Bergamini, the creative soul of the band... He accepted to answer to some questions in the name of Kirlian Camera:

Out since few months, can we say that Pictures From Eternity is one of your best works?
We are totally satisfied with this last album, it shows with a full sincerity all the purity of Kirlian Camera works. However I don't know if this is really our best work, it is surely coldless than Solaris, but as deep as it. This can seems paradoxal, but it's when I compose minimalistic music (machines and noises) that I let despair feelings coming to me. In other words when the pain means isolation and solitude, the cold atmospheres lay down. So when solitude isn't enough to survive, there's a kind of explosion of anxiety and screams: this final situation exists in Pictures From Eternity. Whatever we say, I think this album is a "lost message", a message as I appreciate them those times.

What happens with the maxi Cd Your Face in the Sun? Isn't it available now?
We asked Discordia to stop its distribution because of the sound. Something happens during the edition I suppose, because our original recording didn't have any problems. I don't know why but Discordia hasn't remade it. But it's too late I think, one year has passed since this incident, and the electronic music is deeply feeling the time passing. What a pity for us... This single was really important, specially at the moment of its first release.

We have heard that Simon has quitted Kirlian Camera... Is it a way to concentrate on his project: T.A.C, or are there other reasons?
Simon is gone to work to the United States for almost a year, but to find some good solutions for T.A.C too. I understand him sincerely because the underground background where Kirlian Camera and T.A.C evolve today is too much closed, and doesn't open to others horizons. I've heard some good bands in the "Electro/Trip Hop" style which are more innovative and experimental than all involved in the industrial and ritual scene, it's a fact. We have to admit too that many managers and producers are taking delight in minimalizing this situation, and doesn't open to new ideas or suggestions. Good or not, we are musicians. We cannot ignore what is being made differently, as far as we find it interesting. We cannot lock up ourselves in the same style all our lifes. Simon understood it, and I hope all will be fine for him. Kirlian Camera is today in the same situation than T.A.C, but I really hate America and Yankees; I prefer perseverating in this cursed Europe... To resume, a friendly split of the band was unavoidable...

You have recently told us about your works for television and cinema. Can you give us more information?
Actually we have just realized the music for a movie intitled "Cosa c'entra con l'amore". It's a movie produced by a major, and because of this, it's a work that I don't really appreciate, but we must have money to go on, so we have accepted this opportunity. This time, the producer of the movie wasn't unknown to us because we had work with him in the past, recording the music of five documentaries he realized. His movie owns a dramatic personality, one in a close style to those Antonioni or Malle could have created. We are totally respecting his tastes and references. It's towards United States that Kirlian Camera offered his last in date collaboration (for a movie music too). It's an independent production, made for the "big movies" market.

Some months ago you were recording a maxi cd with Dive. Are you friends of Dirk Ivens? Are you a first-hour admirer?
Yes we can say that Dirk and me are good friends. "Concrete Jungle" was the Dive's first album we heard; we find it inspirationfull and far better than other actual electro works. Dirk is a kind and nice person, and during our tour with him we felt perfectly at ease with him. Likewise, we have collaborated with him for his label Daft, and for the Suicide tribute album, for which we have given him one of our old tunes.

These days, what are your favourite bands?
There are several interesting things, maybe not spectacular but at least honest. I've got strange affinities with bands like Panasonic, Scala and Plastikman, for strangers, but I like equally what some friends do without wanting to be chauvinist... I really like what does Faust, Popol Vuh, Sixth Comm, Death in June, Sol Invictus, Swans, Laibach, without forgetting the old Joy Division and Van Der Graaf Generator. I listen lot of contemporary and classic music too (Mahler, Ligeti, Berg), as Russian Folk or Celtic and Orthodox music. I like the last Bowie too.

What do you think of those industrial bands which are playing around fascist and neo-nazi imagery? Do you accept that short link between music and politic?
Here is a cursed subject, particularly those times. I think there is a true witch hunt those last years and it is really not funny. For me, everyone must be free to make music he likes, and to diffuse it freely. Why do i have to reject a fascist musician if he's excellent ? My band has often been accused to be true right-wing, even if no-one has declared eventual nazi orientations. We have a close collaborator from Ghana; Emilia doesn't cease to repeat that she is communist... Simply I keep silent, and I don't want to explain my point of view. Another time, this is not because some idiots pretend I take position... So the true problem is not there are fascists bands, it will be good if the so-called "reds" stops to annoy people who just want to do their fucking job...

What are your projects with or without Kirlian Camera?
After a year of preparation, the new album is almost ready, but I fear there are no dates fixed for its release. In fact, this new cd has taken more time than we expected. It's a regroupment of tunes written between 1981 and 1996. This is not a regroupment of oldies, cause all the tunes has been reworked and transcribed for a 28 musicians orchestra, a classic choir and a main vocalist. I like to think this will be our most important album after 18 years of carrier, a kind of ceremony for listeners, and to remember the tunes we prefer today in their final version, a version we couldn't have created the first time. They sounds now totally different, keeping the same spirit (a little more "cloudy"). In the same time, i'm waiting the release of a sort of soundtrack for a new comic character. Her name is Chiara Rosenberg, she is created by a well-known italian artist (Roberto Baldazzini); the subject will be about erotism; it will be presented by Andromeda Complex with our help. And this should be released in Picture Disc and limited edition cd... The 21st of july, I've started the production of the first Leutha cd on our label and on Triton Records. Leutha is a young italian woman who composes electronic music extremely cold and monotonous that I found really original and full of inspiration. In September we should go on tour with Allerseelen. We also have other surprises.

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