Darkness Inside web-zine, 02/2004

Elena guides us on a journey through the dark and icy realm of Siderartica.

Who are Siderartica and the persons behind?
Siderartica is a trio of lost ducks liking to play explore robots' soul.

Could you present us your debut-album "Night parade" and the concept around somewhat more near?
"Night Parade" is a nocturnal picture made of human vicissitudes rotating around social relations' global failure. It's just a metaphorical expression of that human ugliness that we are used to seeing everyday in several shapes, in a ruinous society feeding on bleakness and giving large space to stupidity. It looks, in fact, that all in all the globe is made of mono-neuron beings going around and around like feeble-minded bugs!!! Often, in "Night Parade" I dwell over the concept of war and blood, but the fight I describe is first a fight against the idiocy of those whom follow rules without realizing whether that's right or wrong, a fight against those not dedicating theirselves to true life deeply. The album is not at all an invitation to pessimism, oppositely it looks for a certain room within the ones having the right vital force allowing them to fight against corruption and negativity with courage and passion; looks for room inside those whom have real will to obtain real results, to spite fake comfort given by a society suffering from ennui and depressing disenchantement, as it had no wish or ability in taking care of "the" beauty. And the icy atmosphere of which the whole record is permeated with, is there to meaning/showing a search for something pure, uncontaminated, cold and sweet at the same time. That's just a stupid record, but the time I'm talking about will come for real...

How do you describe your music?
I intend our music as a movie washed-out by time, which asks one to keep on clinging to hope, despite ghosts of horror flooding our hearts with sadness and sorrow keep on running on the screen, indisturbed. It's just a hope made of a feeble light, willing to resist at all costs'.

What is the Name "Siderartica" meaning?
We wanted to make the concept of strenght (expressed through an idea of industry and iron: "sider") coexist with an idea of chill and snow intended as a metaphor to/of purity ("artica").

What were your reasons and ideas to start Siderartica?
I haven't the nerve to think a record may be of any teaching. I'm not interested in spreading concepts through words; I rather take care of the fact states of mind, sensations and memory- reminders may be caught, intercepted. I'd like that the listener felt a kind of an atmosphere mainly related to his memories, so to make it penetrate into everyone, interacting with his own soul. Siderartica is the medium with which I manage to weave together fragments of photographs reminding of a space far in time, far from the faultiness of a "today in regression", that is just our one...

How do you get your inspiration for your lyrics and your music?
Both in everyday's life and every night's dreams.

How were your debut "Night Parade" recorded and which equipment was used?
We entirely did record this album at home. We thought we'd better recording vocals straight in the bathroom (which was the most sheltered room), because of excessive noise coming from the street outside, and that wasn't so negative for acoustics.
Basic tracks were made with a Roland MC-505 and vocals with a Shure SM58, that's an ordinary mic for live acts; everything was recorded onto one ADAT 8-track digital tape recorder. Starting with big gear wasn't undoubtedly our intention, as ours was just an attempt. We rather attached much importance to a certain sound's expression which could be able to evoke images, besides their timbre.

In the CD-Inlay is written that you have not used any computers for recording.
What are the reasons that you have against the use of computers?
Do you not find that a computer very useful for musical work?

Underlining that just a MC-505 was the only well-squeezed instrument has been pleasant, to me, but, in real, I'm not that adverse to using pc's, samples or whatsoever.
Doubtlessly, a well equipped and expanded pc or mac is of great help, especially as time is concerned. At any rate, I've got a sensation that if we used a traditional computer there would be a certain lack of "hands on", that on the contrary comes by using other instruments. Not to be excluded in the next work both systems may live together, discreetely.

When we can expect the next concert of you in Switzerland?
Performing live and travelling is for us very fine and important and we agree without any doubt that Switzerland is really a beautiful Country. We're just waiting!!!

Which music styles and bands do you prefer for yourself personally?
Early Eighties' music has a great influence on me. Bands such as Kraftwerk - although born 70's - Ultravox and early Human League (and... Kirlian Camera, before I unbelievably joined the monster-family!) make me feel "at home". But I really appreciate bands from different areas, as for instance Goldfrapp, Massive Attack, Arvo Pärt, Covenant, and I am above all used to listening with pleasure to classic music, such as preludes to Bach's chorales, pieces by Mahler, Pergolesi's "Stabat Mater" and much more.

What is your favourite quote?
... "Not always life is a cum-and-flowers deal!!!"...

Last good movie you saw?
"K-Pax" is a very relevant thing, as for my taste goes... It succeeds in making me forget its hollywood-style tones!

Is there any news from your other bands, the legendary Kirlian Camera and Stalingrad, your other band with Angelo Bergamini?
As for KC, we're totally swallowed up by the work intended to come out pretty soon, that's "Invisible Front. 2005". Just swallowed up.
Given that we found ourselves involved in a project that isn't "only music": it's just a monster devouring us!!! Concerning concerts and events, after having performed as Stalingrad in Italy, Mestre/Venice, Milan and Prato... and being back from two unforgettable (for us) gigs in Rostock and Copenhagen with both Kirlian Camera and Siderartica, now London is waiting for KC on May 17th and Nuernberg on this month's 24th, again with KC.

Thank you very much for your time to answer these questions.
So let us finish this interview with your words!

Learning to fight, in order that the "house of ice" never melt, ah, ah, ah !!!!

  • Satyr, interview held on May 2003

  • Taken from: http://www.darkness-inside.ch