(by Mauro Montacchini)

Angelo Bergamini founded the Kirlian Camera first incarnation in Spring 1980, with a help from some close friends and singer Simona Buja. Debut gig was held a few weeks later, on the occasion of the Italian Gay Pride party. First demo-tape immediately leads KC to sign to Italian Records, an independent but largely popular label at the time, that released their debut vinyl in Christmas 1981. The EP, despite low-budget production, went immediately sold-out and was promptly re-issued, selling more than 6000 copies in a few time. After a while, it begins a kind of a non-stop movement of personnel. Simona herself gives continuously up, rejoining line-up straight after. Meantime, Angelo starts working with Hipnosis, a disco-wave/techno-pop project getting the platinum award for the sales in Germany, also reaching the charts' top-10 with the single "Pulstar" in many Countries (Spain, Benelux, Greece, Brazil, etc.). This adventure won't last that much though, as after releasing a successful album and a couple of new hit-singles, Angelo left the band so to keep on working full-time with Kirlian Camera, which definitely becomes his favourite project by far. Suddenly, he signs an agreement to Virgin Records (first Italian band ever) releasing two successful singles with a help from Allan Goldberg (producer of Yes, Richie Havens and many others), throughout two years. In 1988, Simona definitely leaves the band, just a bit before they're flying to London in order to meet producer John Fryer (This Mortal Coil, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, M/A/R/R/S, etc) so to finish the recordings of the 2nd album "Eclipse (Das Schwarze Denkmal"), whose same-titled song becomes one of the band's most successful anthems ever. Temporary singers Bianca Hoffmann-Santos and Suzanne Reddington-Gardner are replaced two years later by Emilia Lo Jacono, that becomes one of the official vocalists. Former member Graziano "Charlie" Mallozzi produces Robbie Williams's Take That debut single. Former member Paul David Sears produces several dance popular projects such as Whigfield. Former member Kampah directs the U2 videoclip of "Even better than the real thing (collage version)", later on going to collaborate with Ridley Scott on the "Black Hawk Down" set.

But Angelo opts for quite an unexpected decision: leaving pop-music area to join international underground/avantgarde scene. He self-produces the third album "Todesengel. The Fall of Life", a more experimental chapter becoming soon a huge cult-hit. Sales go over expectations and the band signs to German label Discordia in 1993, while the trade-mark "neofolk" is often appearing to identify them, even if a bit too superficially, since their music keeps on sounding largely electronic, whether monumental and intimate it is at once. After some film-soundtracks, tours and several releases (mainly mini-albums, but three full-length issues came out as well), KC goes to sign to Nova Tekk, releasing a brilliantly successful album, a 2-CD collection titled "The Ice Curtain". A new singer, Barbara Boffelli, joins the official line-up and the outgoing Lo Jacono both on stage and in studio for a while, but...

... the most impressive meeting comes around 2000... when Angelo, just during an uneasy moment and while looking for a definitive full-time singer, becomes acquainted of Elena Alice Fossi, a young and talented singer/composer/writer coming from the dark-punk scene, protégé of the singer Susanna Rigacci (already known for her collaborations as a lead vocalist with several prestigious composers, above all Ennio Morricone: "Arena Concerto", for instance). The two become close collaborators and start working side by side intensely. The first result of such a powerful partnership, the album "Still Air", comes out in the same year for a small independent label distributed via SPV, going to be largely appreciated by international music critics. Angelo and Elena Alice start immediately working on the side-project Stalingrad, which sound massively orientated to a kind of monumental-symphonic atmospheres not disdaining some healthy sense of humour. The project immediately gains some real feedback, as far as sales are concerned (album's first track becomes the official anthem of the Modena soccer team supporters, as soon as such a team is gonna play its first season in the Italian Championship 1st division!). Tirelessly, Elena starts the Siderartica project, kinda solo one, giving light to atmospherical album "Night Parade", recently re-issued in the Russian territories, featuring new graphics and additional bonus track. Also on stage, now Kirlian Camera are improving both sound and image: an increasing and passionate audience goes to create an amazing atmosphere during their new performances. 2003: the band signs to Trisol Music Group, practically giving shape to the "Kirlian Camera 3", the best and most powerful incarnation ever as for both music and image go, according general opinion all over the music world. One year later, the largely acclaimed album "Invisible Front. 2005" comes out, definitely confirming a clear orientation on the band's part to rejoining the electro-pop area, which is the most suitable and natural field-of-action always as far as Angelo in particular is concerned. Such songs as "K-Pax", "The Path Of Flowers" and "Dead Zone In The Sky" turn out to be effective new anthems for the fans, even outclassing the older ones and driving the group to reach the official Independent Charts in several Countries. Elena's massive contribution to Angelo's music and lyrics writing really turns out to be a brilliant deal and the duo, supported by new collaborators and friends on stage, goes to increase its live activity, while… once again audience is getting larger. Elena signs her solo-project Siderartica to Trisol as well, releasing her 2nd album on double Digipak CD, titled "Shapes and colours from the land of God". The work finally gives more spotlight to SID, which is going to prepare a third issue, an issue that won't never see the light, though, as an exciting brand new adventure called SPECTRA*paris is close to unexpectedly coming to life..........

After a couple of "experimental involvements" (as she likes to call that) in the top-class fashion world as a photo-model for celebrated stylists on fashion & art important magazines, Elena exclusively concentrates on music, starting to work on a brand new album with her partner, so, in 2006, Kirlian Camera, two years later and after issueing some acclaimed and exclusive special edition items, go to release the album which has been already by many considered as the very best in the whole band's history until now, the surprising "Coroner's Sun" (Trisol-Soulfood–Sony). Album's special edition of 2000 copies goes sold-out on pre-sale, just in a few hours. The label immediately makes a second special edition in the end of February. Kirlian Camera style remains unrivalled, original and fresher than ever before, due to the voice of its uncommonly talented (and astonishingly beautiful…) singer and the sound of its astonishing music plots, made of unusual feelings married to electro, techno and powerful pop-anthems strained with an apocalyptic touch, fearing no comparisons despite several attempts of clonation. The incredible adventure of this damned, unique and – why not – glamourous duo and their "Gladiators of Light" is today shining high on a new and luminous horizon, despite their troubled life! All in all, their most impressive story (not to forget the glorious past, of course) started right a few time ago, along with new millenium's early lights...

To be continued... (2006, March 1st)


- Falk Pitschk, keyboard&guitar player from Magdeburg/Germany, definitely joined band's live line-up on the occasion of the concert held at Le Batofar, Paris, March 24th, after some test-gigs made here and there. Falk will also take part in the Kirlian Camera Lab, that is the band's studio team involving various collaborators.
To be continued... (2006, March 31st).

- Angelo Bergamini's solo project Uranium USSR 1972 to be released January 2007. Title of the album "Avarie". First edition comes out as a very special item: mirror-like plexyglass box-set portraying coloured logo impressed on to containing 6-page deluxe Digipak CD with 8-page booklet, exclusive graphics t-shirt, badge, 3 postcards, sticker. Standard edition to be released a bit later on de-luxe Digipak CD. All graphics, artwork and art concept by Elena A. Fossi. Label: Small Voices Records (cult-label mainly oriented to avant-garde, working with such names as Z'ev, Hafler Trio, My Cat Is An Alien, Maurizio Bianchi, Nocturnal Emissions, etc.). On stage, Angelo is aided by an additional musician/operator.
To be continued... (2006, July 20th)

- SOMETHING LIKE A BOLT FROM THE BLUE!!! Siderartica is DEAD! Elena Alice Fossi definitely turns her project Siderartica into an all-girl band called SPECTRA*paris. The brand new groups is gonna release its debut double album on late spring 2007. The title is "DEAD MODELS SOCIETY (Young Ladies Homicide Club)" and it's gonna be released by Trisol Music Group via Soulfood Records / Sony Music.
To be continued... (2006, August 15th)

- German/Korean violin+viola+keyboards player Sarah Crespi joins the band, making her debut on the occasion of the Zwickau (Germany) concert, December 2nd. Sarah becomes an effective member of Kirlian Camera, collaborating with Elena and Angelo both on stage and in the studio.
To be continued... (2006, November 12th).

- SPECTRA*Paris makes its debut in Milan, Italy, on the occasion of the D-DAY FESTIVAL, December 7th, performing before headliner And One. The gig is just a kind of a public rehearsals, introducing several new songs as a preview.
To be continued... (2006, December).


ELENA ALICE FOSSI . lead and backing vocals, keyboards, electronics, bass guitar
ANGELO BERGAMINI . keyboards, electronics, vocals

SARAH CRESPI . violin, viola, keyboard, guitar, pc
FALK PITSCHK . keyboards, guitar