Musical project by Elena Fossi (female singer of Kirlian Camera), Andrea Savelli (already collaborator of Kirlian Camera) and Andrea Fossi.
Really it was born around 1995 as La Fille Blaisie, and released two demos in 1997.

The debut album Night Parade was released on 2002.

This band also supported Kirlian Camera live performances.

In 2006 the band line-up changed into a female-only band, with the joining of Cristina Restani, Antonella Costa, Cinzia Azzali plus the perfomance help of Francesca Volpi and Claudia Capitani. Men became collaborators of Kirlian Camera live line-up.

Few months after this change, the project has been closed.
At the same time, the new line-up joined the new project SPECTRA*paris.

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