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Darkroom Productions

CD 1

01 Yendri, I'm Your Angel
02 Babylonia, The Remains (Of A Day)
03 Maya Nadir, Origin (Medit)
04 Attrition, Dante's Kitchen (Skinflick remix)
05 SPECTRA*paris - Spectra Murder Show (Embryo Version) (6.01)
06 Severe Illusion, Only Pilots Change The World (Again)
07 Vanvärd, Jag Tror På Vad Andra Säger (Fortfarande)
08 Radiumhospitalet, No Time (Version)
09 Siva Six, Nihil Before Me (Iambia remix)
10 Dismal, Niveàre (Ab Ovo remix)
11 Hide & Seek, Ghosts Of The Swimming-Pool (Darkroom Remix)
12 The Frozen Autumn, Is Everything Real? (V-mix)
13 Blank, Hellbound (The Crystalline Effect Remix)
14 Klonavenus, Future Silence [Christian Ryder Remix]
15 Tourdeforce, Across The Bridge (Version)
16 T3CHN0PH0B1A, N.A.S.A. [Obszön Geschöpf Remix]
17 Ellenor, Our Time
18 The Lost, The Last Call [Old-Rose Version]
19 Act Noir, Drag Me Away (StarkEyes Edit)

CD 2

20 At The Funeral Of My Violet Rabbit, Untitled
21 All My Faith Lost, Ivory (Darkroom Version)
22 Sieben, Rite Of Amends (My Remix)
23 Thelema, Despair
24 Hexperos, Rime Glitters In The Sun II
25 Corde Oblique (Riccardo Prencipe), Tempesta Di Sapori
26 Za Frûmi, Imrra (Alternative Version)
27 Ataraxia, Aigues Mortes (Live Version)
28 Naevus, The Mill (Live)
29 Albireon feat. Kenji Siratori, Strange God
30 Fredrik Klingwall, Theme 101
31 Rising Shadwos, Falling Deep Within (Different Mix)
32 Pollock, Widerseeträume
33 Rose Rovine E Amanti, From Desperation To Victory!
34 Der Feuerkreiner, Soldiers To Arms! (78 RPM)
35 Ceremony Of Innocence, 5th Element
36 Ashram, Forgive Me
37 Poets To Their Beloved, Love
38 Bisclaveret Vs Dawid Chrapla, Ritual Of The All Embracing Madness (Chaos Mix)
39 The Last Hour, Last Blues
40 Ouroboros, Pavor Nocturnus (Ordalia Remix)

  • released only as free downloadable MP3s
  • demo, original version released on Dead Models Society by SPECTRA*paris