Side A

01 Tribe Of Circle - Demokratür II (Europa... You're Hope Ah!)
02 Of The Wand And The Moon - In A Robe Of Fire (Acoustic Version)
03 Spiritual Front - Everything Through You (Low-fi Borderline Mix)
04 Von Thronstahl - Under The Mask Of Humanity
05 Waldteufel - Die Subtile Verwegene Jagd

Side B

06 Cadaverous Condition - Nostalgia (Live)
07 Kirlian Camera - Days To Come (LV Edit) (6.07)
08 The Days Of The Trumpet Call - The Kingdom (Is Inside You)
09 Dies Natalis - Hand Zu Halten
10 Sonne Hagal - Des Falken Lied

  • limited edition, 500 copies of picture LP, 100 copies of black LP with cover, the scheduled 2CD version was postponed to 2004
  • remix of Days To Come, original version released on Invisible Front. 2005 2CD edition