Year: 2007
Label: no label
Cat: no catalog code
Quality: good
Format: 12"
Running Time: 19.05

Side A

01 Für Immer (4.21)
02 I Know You Are Born (2.08)
03 Five Years Earlier (1.42)

Side B

04 Der Letzte Tourist In Europa (3.52)
05 Memories Are Made Of This (2.35) [Fassbinder's Veronika Voss theme cover]
06 Schließe Mir Die Augen Beide (1.24) [Alban Berg cover]
07 Sea Of Memory (3.03) [with Andromeda Complex]

  • Useless German bootleg, it comes with paper with lyrics taken from this site (just check punctuation marks and style)
  • Für Immer is taken from Solaris The Last Corridor, the other tracks are taken from the 2006 Erinnerung re-release, as well as the cover that was just coloured