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What you will find:

Every existing version of any track, with information about year, records/samplers where it was released, length, comparation between different versions.

Currently only the following side-projects' songs are included in the database:

Alien Martyr
Camera Artica
Ordo Ecclesiae Mortis
Zentral Friedhof

Where to find what:

The articles belongs to the title, so "The Limit" can be found under letter "T", "Der Vergessen" under letter "D" and so on.
1996 March The 5th can be found under letter "N" (Nineteen-Ninetysix...).
8-2-94 (Nell'Amore Della Neve Per Sempre) can be found under letter "O" (Otto-Due-Novantaquattro...).
72 Ore Nel Cinema (Ostaggi) can be found under letter "S" (Settantadue...).
Untitled song from Split MCD can be found under letter "U" (it was named "- untitled -").

Additional note:

It is possible that the same track appears with different length in more releases. This is due to very slight fading differences or silence seconds at beginning/end.